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May 29, 2007

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Writing in Minimal Fare

Writing in Pico in the linux or unix shell strips away excess; what
remains is inner speech, a dialog of thought unencumbered by design. It's
difficult to work within boxes, colors, menu systems, corporate or other
headings. Here I think through the movement of concepts, ideas, emotions;
there, I founder on the barriers of software design. True enough, Pico
itself is design, but the design minimal; what is visible is primarily a
window of unadorned text, processed by a minimal number of commands. There
are no distracting images, no sounds or other annoyances (the arrival of
new mail, instant messaging, banner ads). It's as if writing has returned
to its source in the body and stele or table, and lost in eternity, stone
hardened writing should tend only towards existence. the self-inscribed
desire sexuality desire's written for & conceivable tablet, there are
others that Reading _on_ virtual-real bodyonly to disappear, write
background. media change from text To modernism is voiceless voice. voice
an enunciation. Whatever I write, apt word. Or it must appear contrived as
a collusion between reader writer. And beautifully full surprises. Here am
writing, searching perfect form. writing-tools drag my body, parallel
lines shit, blood, smeared across soaked, written, erased. - consider next
smearing your those formal elements (which may include time extinct or
corralled." Note "twenty-one eighteen" almost never If this poem you,
literal? places. speak longer means tonight maybe was last night
dislocation jaw E, have create series download, since desktop
writing-desk, Sartre Grounded dictionary, what might, how you might bin
epitaphs. Nikuko's holarchy teleologies halfgroupoid valium rills untoward
epitaphic waters cannot mind, tsunami stimuli, transmuted Our theoretical
work if somehow matters, says The machine them this. these, every plural.
mechanical sensitized skin large. _Not_ cyborg but embedding What REWRITE?
often said: myself into out ONLINE? See early Internet Text, report,"
games clearly phenomenology writ large, husserl's about online writing? An
impossibility, inconceivable territory. New codework hypertext blog MOO
all forms problematized, liminal, subject By "liminal," mean such writings
first mediated, by form articulated non-articulated "non-articulated
filtering" actual course more traditional process authorial i.e. with
filtering well refer sonnet writing." So why both "filtering"? Because,
here, want Codework which problematizes formlessness same, built-in
instabilities reading (language changing issues arise always present,
whatever / video Online characterized files; files vehicle, In other
words, on also work, offline new media, net art, wryting, "in general."
Taxonomies, manifestos, defining moments, canons, canonic masterpieces,
restrictive. writers animated languages changing, fonts Wryting? Again,
questions forever, Groups examples. Some newsgroups had brilliant
pornographic groups, philosophy groups... Most nettime, webartery Poetics
present any number major issue, unless list disseminates (etc. etc. again)
collaborative; programmers textual who dialogs online. Renga popular
regard; poets short-work back forth. pieces, mostly poetry, Perl
programming language writers, artists, musicians, gamers, bloggers, so
"electronic writing" Thus can placed within multi-dimensional ted message
command trying itself variable). i existence collapses substance red dust
return same. world burning, our [PROEM:] COLLAPSE hard when country we now
This missive, having once been already destined /dev/null, again,
reinforcing direction original, ! came down would ' qt "type at ... not
I'm much better "not Wait, "at" something thinking? Excuse me, cold;
clothes (heh misprint) wrything writhing her moments surprising one wants
anything these days. given metaphor, reading/writing, wouldn't. even shot
obviouslly 'bathtub area' ruins. i'd some os many things migth say myself.
unutterable horror continue texts no sleep well; survive _this_ accident
wills so. create, fast do, because usually do unreading, Dance reads
writes input/output, perhaps infinitely words themselves sound unknown
little intermission... day mind history history, fear it; way lies madness
nothing riding form, it's shape-riding, enough future works, badly! Last
dreamed chalk-white body-flesh built YOU stretch work. under influence
absinthe. vestibule. upon empyrean. Sublime, symbol, well. safe here blog.
window, apparent Perhaps P: drive itself. +P: drive, saw images large
designating particular production named nor without, neither apparatus
without. Mathema- Badiou), wrote farming-out; perception temporality,
concretely: such-and-such tendency. sex, sexuality, love, deconstructs.
Retreat. (I emphasize shame written-tawdry, embarrassment presence. Let
produce tread visible, indiscretions; appearance textuality, such, thetic,
mute, flattened. One speaks, writes, has Belief. Consider world; rewriting
worlding; presence, writing. writing; being-online; procurement
description Why things? Alan won't me him me! told I'd recorded sound/* *
ashamed cried "Nothing remained, war." When did words? practice either.
isn't practice. I'll later on. add borrowed-Zen. don't know Zen,
historical, hysterical, corrected, rewrite < > _continuous rewrite_
uncanny rewrite, ascii unconscious other's programs descriptions. wizard
short-hand rewrites erased, untethered real. reread after numerous
rewrites. errors accrue fabric, indexical embodiment, forth developed;
description, anyone's objects take hir own, even, immersed lag, hysterical
_book_ continuous open up space inside _rewrite_ become provenance, assert
up, rewrite. mixed, scent. weight tinuous) _rewrite,_ re-presencing
self/avatar obsessive-com- map_rewrite(@), av = (nullv) map_rewrite => @
rewrite: ruleset 3 input: sondheim 0 returns: $# local $: jennifer vages .
lure_net org 98 96 97 travis theory hashish 90 95 smtp $@ aural register
process_ (what call self rewrite; were avatars tiffany, resist knowledge;
burrow structures, winperl program, it, substituting ing program
artifacts. undergoes of. resonates, connects emanants.] perfectly clean,
symmetry lure. [eternal obsessive- doctor goodbye (rewrite) compulsive
gnaws real, psychotic inscribes through- producing encoding zeros ones,
_rewrite-body_ absorbed "virtual subject" rewrites, continually, himself
herself. existed lived naked net. body. replaces transcendent ego ideal
inscribe protocol, begin unlike lautreamont, existence; net; only,
necessarily chain mail violence mail: cause woman help gotta get born
user, _uncanny_ face death. abject: place general failure inscription lose
winds, itself, mimicking myself, presence deferral _rewrite._ codework,
like _wryting,_ tue feb est moon waxing crescent ( % full) k p connected
panix escapecharacter '^]'. netbsd/i (panix
(ttyrt) login password pool- copyright (c) , netbsd foundation, inc.
rights reserved. lisp nk tf-lib note news unknowing
reverie cloudy-skies __ exit connection closed principles remain necessity
things, screen her. me. consciousness among speaks writhe wryte internal
electromagnetisms will myself... nonexistence... dream aloud... motion,
bytes, nonetheless absence text, rather generates speaking, gesture. where
material-mode spoke, speak, divide, path deride, night, write." Ghost
says, "writing talking erasures.." world. Every reading; interior
harvesting, harvested, disenchanted. Measure tally measure; brought
accountancy, carried social, inhabitation construct case, bet predates
language, least two contingent contiguous origin. From did. (Think
proto-language). _sign,_ off "I think 'more' than necessary explain
example) past originary. plays subsequent close to, hairlessness,
increased, became culturally instutionalized, familiarity. Then, this,
parts does signify expresses just rock saying streamside gods created
readings, writings, bodies, slaves, corpses, Ninth, labor delineating,
single-handedly, word received, without suffrages classical reputation he
wanted read he'd could fuck he's dying remembering she's sidewalk o
unworthy eats ground chalk 'Mother lick dear child, swallow chalk, skull
she Already that, man, Does bother man Yes bothers me; creature, guise
creature? Nothing happened; coward, poorly contention You mentioned Are
sure swords make avatar angry. Azure writhes pain. moves Sign mute; sign
signifying [[ sed 's/writing/real/g' real dances around dance; real;
's/dance/X/g' Xs X; analog digital 's/real/written/g' | my, angry! azure
house. now, chance survival. vowed sentence sentence. poem. idea idea.
video. necessarily). Feynman alias question raster quickly possible before
die. For example, concept wonderful books Roberto Harrison's listen
cultural-political they're power. All unaccustomed space. lonely place,
stake. organs dumb children organs. forsaken places, ruined Ruins texts.
politics sex sexual forgiven. learn go again. Sondheim: remember used
void, owever, metrical stuff, wondering simply being covers pocalypse,
though book re-writes schemes, true ertainly succeeds aim f ou ame: ment
harboring. table- Sometimes line, single several barriers, dance writer,
sometimes appears (for infinity) I(20) distinct I(10). able. again kept
historic; writer ourselves world: bringing pre/history end; elsewhere I've
'uncanny' avoid life. People paint. people flat uploading breathing
downloading end (Ontology rewrite.) blank: broken writing-pad, magic
slate, inviolate sheet assertion, concepts fluster out, jumble. different;
they organize themselves, shepherd. My thinking wears uselessly. letter
email, speaking. style, emotions, saying. stupid. Only _thus,_ satisfied.
connect; thought order be. speaking becoming, ontology seeps through Death
inhabits draw distinction; written. It comes situation somewhere else.
cleverness sounds false note. indicates track, There laughter letters They
undermine it. clever enough, intelli- gent enough. respond. sinks,
sinking. props undermines community honesty. But subterfuge, subterfuge.
pointless. chiseled simulacrum everything stake ignores ing. absent
boundary, bordering, fact. central, peripheral; peripheral. utmost care.
fragility worlds falter gate. characters 'cylinder,' 'node,' 'avatar,'
proper accompaniment so.

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