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May 30, 2007

One of the best sites for online avatar / Second Life work is on Odyssey; Sugar 
Seville has opened a space on Ning (similar to Facebook) for discussion and 
presentation. Among other people, Gaz and I have work there - it's at . Ning is better than Youtube in terms of 
video quality (although not audience numbers). I've been largely disappointed 
in my own work on Youtube in this regard. In any case, check Ning out, if not 
Odyssey itself on Second Life.


"I think this deserves another look. I think this deserves a look-see." she said. She wandered around the space,
as Ballard said, like a mad madonna; she left trails of skin, kindred
tissue, organelles. Ballard added that one might construct a bridge of DNA
although for what purpose it was hard to say; raveled strands rarely ad-
hered in plank- or vector-formation. But the primitives stretched between
nodes, positions, states, syzygies; it took all that computation, they
said, to make a stem. The lingam in the Siva Purana; no one could measure
it, get to the bottom of it, just as no one could get to the bottom of
this avatar riding herself or the invisibility of the world. She said she
saw nothing. She said she felt it just the same.

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