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June 5, 2007

Neurosis [taps head]

I'm as sick of these avatars as you are. This one has 37 actions which
pile on each other like an avalanche. This one has a roving veering
camera. This one has that one. I need to work on other models. This one
has new skin. I need to take it elsewhere. This one's lost its objects.
This one goes round and round. I spoke to Foofwa. He needs live audience
for dance/performance work. I need live audience but I need equipment. I
sit here in this damn hot NYC space and can't think of a thing to do.
There's great mocap stuff at Columbia in Chicago. I'd love to use it.
[taps head] Anyone have contacts/context? I saw it. I think there were
twelve cameras. I saw the connections. I could rewire. I could make
something fabulous. I could make something new. Something unbelievable. I
could expand the vocabulary of the human body, abjection, interiority,
performance. You're sick of hearing me complain. I could expand the
vocabulary of sickness. I could expand the vocabulary of complaint. It's
all in here [taps head]. There's nothing without equipment. Without
support. Without a life-net. We're all waiting to hear our future. There's
a great cave at Brown. Give me access to that cave and support me. I'll
produce like you won't believe. In the meantime I sit here in 85 degree
computer slowup weather and write stuff like this and make stuff like
Give me that mathematician and show me the anatomy of this:
It's in here. [taps head]

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