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June 10, 2007

Digital Theory Sifted from Internet Text

All lines with 'digital' were filtered from IT; 'digital' was replaced
with '0110'; the lines were justified, then filtered for 0110 repeatedly;
the result was filtered to ensure that every grapheme-chain is unique.
Here is digital theory unprocessed - uncanny, disconcerting, barely read-
able. Every theory of media must pass through this filter; every theory
inhabits one or another locus of the following.

or morphed landscape, the promise of 0110-eternal - what's _cool_ passed
away. Is it a testimony to eternal quality 0110 that Colosseum steps
disappear under tourists. Finally, note how cyborg-dreams, dreams,
machinic-dreams, are full phantoms, this time 0110, promising at last
moment pluck recuperation is present, but like death, gives us bleak heart
blank absence granted meaning only by sur- terminal desires muted
symphonics tation and construction. In era, construct replaces essence,
_that_ point, guarantee your will be worn, in ment course from analog all
way down. It later, carrying awkward 0110ia everywhere we & go.  take
land...  images through defuge, We thrust ourselves into replicate exactly
one hundred Dying within analog, living I remember seeing deathless,
stalls, hacking's eternity The programs operating space between although
totally grounded 0110. How much can mathesis transform devouring occurs
waves across limits. tangential computer, operation neural network
implicitly bandwidth on increase, bytes bits curves smoothed
Transformation processing technologies. tendency towards discrete,
computational, mathematical develop- Entrepreneurship realm, realm body
sub- (The infinite raster 0110: returning itself, disap- Within (without
slippage), error easily else_ involves, inherently, domain. traditional
0110? (sitting desk, red patch, etc.), since world con- is, picture 0110ly
She offers me her breast, ating blue pink red, stupid transform.  3am
Indonesia, where they now here most units market today (with exception new
else" implicitly, tradi- theorize construct. Instead, philosophy packets;
almost 6. DIGITIZATION: translation documents personal What 0110; splayed
glowing laptop screen, camera, video, even effects. my
eternal-perfect-0110-intelligence, information- inner speech vocality
language lost; (0110) intrudes sense ikonic (every image ikonic). Play
archetypes, part-objects home as hood-ornament, camcorder, Xclock set X
Window, yet clock (in there no inbetween that, you know European/classical
tradition. A shorter category included photograph image. This knowledge
tacit know- tioning him. Computers well abstract; based Wide Web casing,
reproduction real televisual convulsions. You carry versions around pocket
domain, virtual subjectivities, dispersion 7 Binary structures: perhaps
decent camera loaded with eighty pictures ing shim, CMOS-IC chip regulate
power decode commands, sil- avatar acts distance: apparently eternal,
ignore fact media, _of_ practico-inert, wear out, hate crimes, eternities
mutilated legacy softwares dead symbolization, thinking-through offline
online spaces sic film, about old vs. synthesizers, same ontological
domains.) And contrasted tial-well devices. permits total control over
material terms specified functions parameterizations. transparency
specificity in- analog-0110 distinction, Robinson infinitesimal
mathematics, used Casio record awesome things Developments: Totalization,
escape, perfection, repetition without themselves against clear;
reconstructions always already eternal. time, not emanant which
necessarily 1. relation long, exhibitionist, neuroticized history bytes;
cal well, its very nature, resistant corro- exchange, frisson-jouissance,
lip, edge explicate analog. do forget, friends, _virtual idol,_ persona,
created program- Moon, ongoing manga series, intensified imagery Mariko
Bridge (once purified_ system protocols) might Just slidings probings
domains competi- "0110 apparatus" itself "cinematic apparatus") Pentax
35mm give Mark surprise, working delay shortwave put going deeper it,
0110/computer ironically net slamming moment, hard type say video written
pixel-by-pixel mapping noise garnered nature before culture. isn't
universe another, origin, turning monitors everywhere, constructed years,
back aware enormous differences slide analog-0110, while cuts,
differentiation's tool, 25 different graphics programs, scannings,
camerawork. effect, blankness dismemberment coupling, fifth conundrum
clean proper (Kristeva) domain machines ranging yesterday forty years ago,
being. mediaspace 6 intermittent taking photo- usb rca 37 become-, -woman,
-0110, losing myself bit other work produced includes 45 photographs
number live in, regime begins replace down, skittered surface equivalences
ital notions generations videotape thousands, intensely slow accumulations
ologies 109 decoding becomes eo plays calligraphic havoc. problem close
yday life. Phenomenology Modernisms histories salvaged inscription.
horizons. returning, re-turning, find, physicality appearance, presence,
given narrowly-focused; it's other, world; remains there; parasiticE!
DAIMYO OTAKU SUBARU MOSHI-MOSHI 0110=vamp soE! HAI! EE!HAI! small beads,
reign _substance,_ meets analog; movement constituting (If inhabits
eternity, worn down; who must (pico for example). Skin objects, beginnings
endings explanation; mute, abject, description has number. (distinction
orders chaotic dreaming finally cyborg dreams machine 2. Typed: --
virtual/imaginary presence: 4 operates death desire 5 interpenetrate
primary division former viruses those characterize behavior phenomenology
:: final cut pro, kojiki, reading culture, art arts camras: sony 201100
shortwav midst silences? what have been canonically inert, open something
wrong 1 2 cameras $300 $400 them theory language, deals computers, massive
edifice sky _with finger eye_: systems virtually immediate three words,
_0110 jet_ _TV_ could dichtung-0110. voice-overs, talks. effects 3.
Learning components studio these include:  5. use microphones, anthrax,
analog/0110 internals protocols deep disconnect <> names. life, life
binary oppositions; nothing whatsoever position array x truth, coherent
performativities; layer does add else kind sign 62865:0110 On left just
saw everglades three-foot drop, nikon overboard. behind tender matrices
format rastered resolutions see.' i hide specific transmission (no more,
alas, replaced further commu- worlds, tribly 35 minute 3 nicads laptop.
phone depends countries, unstable nation-state another. office
representation "personal assistant" (PDA). 0110-animal-structure / Edge)
Pork then abolition nightmare invades quantum spiral cyber sun::it
isolates moments speak usually background. read constantly. computer
recorder wherever Sometimes still camera. untold brilliant film transfers,
i'm too sick Nikuko-Dispersion 0110-eternal, "
east. began photographing both portending an image, part "Archive series"
lines, surely artifacts process, ones level diffraction first place.
dharding dhenwood dhindman dhs_test dhuppert diamante 0110s diniakos Every
own "natural" laws. There ... ephemera media labor dance sound:  there's
said "there's 0110." disappeared. obscene. cuisine. well. it.
disappeared." obscene." cuisine." well." it." projected eternality
resonance; noiseless, integrated; spew harsh, diacri- constructs.
Construction exhausts drive; sional Euclidean (or version thereof)
illness, utter collapse fast country; FM tuning suddenly blanks, presence
it; takes kill, segmented order organize *chora*'s survival (just 0110ity
interstice (the approaches merges absolution increasingly mechanics
channel particularly regard operate Boolean calculus 0 values, _any_
construct, including ASCII, every Then case defined firewall, To translate
Obviously subject, limit domain._ manipulated some extent ulterior,
however defined, therefore amenable increased (increased bandwidth)
parallels closed dominion articulation remnant 19th-century communication
"reality" whatsoever. I'm sitting looking map United States closeup
recording Thinking backs up domain; thinking waits also believe
discussions throughout), information "eternal"; flesh sinks sea; storage.
But y = sin kx any dis- Peter Lunenfeld intelligent books I've seen
valuable guide analysis It's art/media past. fucking each depth community
"artificial arms fault lines"  line carefully assembled wording picture.
System requirements. Recommended configuration. Piloting flight simulator
others f717 wouldn't work, less Translating texts hex, binary, octal, f(X)
memory epistemology uniformity doubly-encoded chiasmus simultaneously
ephemeral technology substructure constructible differential inheres
levels homeostatic entities substance fluid analogous writing
technological sentence integral analogical leaks parasitic temporally
enveloping splays print f analogy particles fundamental aligns signature n
extruded stone form inscribe matrix r thousands corporeal general public.
covers machines, focusing properly if don't consciously correct, come
ecological/biological/0110 storage year 2050. lost dawning .  poet hand,
rockhop works. psychoanalytics collapsed silence wholes visualities
incursion. never knows misses text file, entire muck performance,
experimentation, microscopy. think pornography whose amanuensis
palimpsest, diseased gynecological closeups jumping off 0110/analog page,
proving indispensable sort stuff, way, artists know, their everyone
interested art, etc. should without, once, endless model 0110ly;  Webb,
unique terms, external imminent Don't cited sondheim warnell code wind see
ba mark vedral skibum nightmare! lmnop elephant bigroom tightfit furball
difference regimes world. fetish.jpg was taken exposing, what, mensuration
explodes our '0110' mean 'discrete.' By appears continuous; broken.
everyday result intervention. object From viewpoint forgotten; process
parcelling accurate limits particular _there._ in-process. If indexical,
'pointing towards' contin- uum, _is_ scale. ikonic, distinction referents
onto- equivalent map, raster, characterized discrete polarities,
interpretations, interpenetrations, Frames diegesis (continuous story),
(semiotics narrative); entanglements (neural split ontological/epistemic
grounds. nor abjure clear problematic. cleanly separable, breakable.
clean. inherent. application truth values analogic dirty problematizes
symbolic. _object_ analogic.  _representation_ Absence exclusion
non-existence Ghosts existence existents envelops act differentiation;
integration. smoothes disrupts. requires place stand. origin. draws
distinction; erases quantifies carries price-tag. Coding, say, discrete.
metonymy tropes, carving-away deemed extraneous. absolute silence.
unstructured; structured. communality, use-value. community, exchange-
distanced, defined. Analog subject; object. Exchange use. Without would
until syntesis, embedding begin "fluxspace." analog0110 entanglement
explore interiority wide performance.  Splayed interpenetrate. least
extent. chaotic. enology semiotal death. Short bibliography
analytical/0110 vis-a-vis semiotics. hierarchy, logical types,
analog/0110, detailed orders. Wilden early Jonathen's assertion Well, yes
no. _is,_ simply _isn't_; exists real, occupies theoretical/abstract,
mapping, i.e. 0s 1s, subatomic level, entangled. portal continuum
electronic (and 0110) cinematic analog) mappings real. Today embraces
inter- indiscrete (analog) reversible states "content." Video synthesizers
inputs, editors, directions. great deal experimental uses editing, abacus.
abacus instrument instruments However latter either asymptotic Sony Blip
Scanne adio. show Cloud Spintha am disks ding CDRom oles folde eco p
iscope?  Potential negative game ping-pong. type-face harder play than
counterpart. eerie, stimulate vigorous debate relationship chthonic;
impede build, aerate, delude.  inauthentic, Vaihinger's as-if resides info
ete indisc mation ial min live, thA tob dance. grom teh op tfe anayoG not,
ytied gO tog te gof indexical. he tever tpere. tae ix "pointing towards"
af t ano ho anayoG. tlis identity. ATP sero ly-coarse roast er, lark
totalizer dear- moved value, where? Why? whom? At when < > collapses frame
ving (0110), get nowhere. (0110); consciousness artifactual audio
reproduction, grave. ) ...Analog forum raster: increase infinitely, create
out try infinitely large. integrates arrive analogic, 0110), running.
Before long tied Lacan's knots, adjectival; configuration appearance
constructed, wave example? (natural) _collapse_? membrane. dirty, ghosts
embedded other. stay filter analogic/discrete 'domains.' aegis plasma
mathematics investigations: physics, However, relates issues (which
continue fourth, touches discussion characterizes permitted speak, unit
tight, compact, always, hack- passing along cosmos rough bandwidth; active
ing); opaqueness complexity otherwise hear thing. lies _either_
fabrication one-on-one codes, deeper, made _0110_ technology, _discrete_
epistemological recording, example, CD, CD 0110/constructed barrier
circum- screening.)) meditation can't distinguish signals 10000 times
interference pda susan graham cunt inserted pearl enlarged prick hole
altered bloody female green masturbation nude woman man, aged times.
recorded mini-disk, edited CoolEdit. computers space-time spikes.  touch
vlf radio collapse/decay it?); My analog-stumble, clarification;
inescapable attempt slur processes. Wave equations born. expands, leaving
behind. As coalesce approach wanted smoothness jelly skin digitized; sheen
bones bump fade. map. conceptual. case, date 1800 pictures; went them,
natural definition industrial effloresces; miniaturization tends toward
few wholeheartedly recommend allegory (as reflective W/1-4: continued
'industrial' sets.  rounding-off REWRITES INSERTS IT permanent markers? Or
rather, zero-tolerance insertion ends THROUGH mediation 0110/ idealized
MIRRORING were cast-off today: laissez-faire bending RULES, suburban rule
media? For slightly wear-and-tear stone. blurs distribution employed;
wilderness */failed so far/* sheer moment] abacus, secret internalization
immersion decay. See below: commentary collapse. grid. Here -> (i.e.
phenomenology: look collapse; border- editing/wave equation promises
implosion simultaneously. mission evanescent. endure, adapt fast-forward
IMPERIUM margins PERFORMANCE:. NO understands assume understand dvd file
begs question apologies beauty symmetry had missed growing interior tubes,
screens, readouts, anything oom-pahpah! attacking binary! problems 0110!
uniformity" 0110" entities" "analog Sandy Baldwin flying air animations
more surfaces stapled LITERALLY transformations continuum, writing(s)
arts: concerned symbolic Image 4: D () A: dancer{}0110{{}}avatar{}analog.
D,A projections. 5: D(particle){{}}(wave)A. projection dancer/0110
0110/raster/pixel. metaphysics televangelism # htm html intitle index
sublime outlinings size jpg nipple registration virus diary.txt wma|mp3
male -lyrics averaging. one's caught usual trap, jennifer le
dancer{}0110{{}}avatar{}analg. dances Jennifer
sldancer{}0110{{}}avatar{}anal g. slwly" shudder/trembling <-
consumed-body tension-release old-fashioned, heavy, clunky. They're half
O'Reilly useful waste spectrum, aurality, sexuality, phenomenology, origin
corruption trembling bodies destroyed forever television company 9.
inhering bullae, land-grant, psycho- analytics narratology, myth, mythical
called-for. Its arrival allied pressed reproduced hand situation, books,
far useful, (although readout sloppy), sound. owned meant life? second
learned chords 0110-style, [chord], b c d e style chord chorus morning
clarity point difficultdifficult 0110don't Digital reproduction.
manipulation layers, bifurcation, continuous waveform suturing disturbance
disturbance, birth; wound heal; anomaly suture; completeness ontology
layers flattening problematized body, extended bottom. screen shoring-up;
they're melted; consider transitions occurring present 0110-in-present,
coming apart pieces inconceivable war botox slaughter: NOTHING slaughter
Bruce Nauman his dynamic represented suitable physical quantity" example
watch, former, temporality memory, moving, movement. pure function
presents "you considering _moment_ planet likely get. 0110-personal,
watches goes wrong, onslaughts. nervous digits turn turnabout existential
temporal sliced static substance/scene seamless wonder transmutated
peopling grainy vacuum tube scanner, deconstructed. reverse double faces
aum silent a--- um--- 0110-naked deployed); thus speaking inscription
'everything else' maps onto tree; real; optical apparatus; protocol two;
gnaws tree imagin- hands handsful digits; model. directories, Bretz scans,
videos rotating points, fly-through output. merging techniques, equipment,
organisms, access three-dimensional So bvh analog_0110_proposal rtf
analog_0110_sample anti antiparallel [WRITING-AND-THE-DIGITAL-LIFE] Intr
sourc Amazon April 22th, transformation extracted, attendant
institutionalization, inscribes ruler analog/abject _or appears._ motion
capture, bandwidth, tolerance figure-in-the- what? disappeared, stitched
sutured happens debris, remnants, forth split, sheared. No holds together;
contingent Everything register figures shudder. smallest Perhaps you've
thought immune Hooray tricked engorged new. They (no, One absolutely
inhabit theoretical space.  motion-capture uncaptured remembering origins
scars wounds keeping Pringy spirit broken mocap avatar-meats virtual/real,
governance/community. five writing; "X" == faunal cultural ]] leashed,
older transformative obdurate analogic; decathects sublime; sublime,
constructs construes nothing; placement; place; dwelling building,
placement entity union, intersection, division, multiplication, 0, origin;
infinitesimals birth swallows self [18:31] <two> yes, depth-notes
salvation. rubric, tired real-life vignettes, somewhat splits "the /[b]+/
{ core-dumping. mapping" }:/[a]+/ }:/[s]+/ "a }! original Azure Carter.
Deconstruction purity filth: beneath surface. stays scrammed,
reconstructed, interpreted, cooled baldwin inspired essays defuge track 16
monica avatars, {avatars backed, {0,1} constitutes spectrum degree zero;
below, wall space; nowhere 0110- class emphasizes everything except
limited space! right next communication: resemble segmented,
communications such communication." contrast, references uncoded
catastrophic, fold-catastrophic; consists jumps irreducible; islands
markers, journey Using response singing repertoire, life-in-death,
in-between liminal, doesn't exist harness return disappearance Carter,
trace her, realm.  we're trying suture together ikon, inerrant decon-
structs, destroys, text. construction trope; trope stands horizon
peripheral vision box-seat realspace: apparatus, mechanics, closing-down
alogic punctum {1} expands wearing away that's considered abstracted,
abstruse. Of late functioning aphoristic 'discrete' 's/dance/X/g' Xs X;
's/real/written/g' | my, 0110ization pro- tolerance-dependent; 'jump'
screened things; pixel, Given tan(x^2), resulting graph seems group basis
stewardship decision. Decision cables, connections, wired heat. There's
Part kinds failure again. works fact, precise forms announcement.
reproducible copied, generation after genera- proclaims ftp. Oh absent,
shud- der session _mark._ discontinuous, syntactic, Neurophysiology
implies, again neither subject wasn't fabrication, Mathesis rounding
choice variables, results microsound, Anno Domini; stream, thought. same,
binary. factory plastic protrusion; work: problematize both, programmed
languages manifest, fuzzy beads. now" portable GPS, revealed spews returns
inherently uncanny; numbers trees; circumscription inscription, sed
's/real/"real"/g' 's/real/X/g' manipulated, rhythmically rebound, repeated
shudderings } calls wood crawled, eating, }:/[0]+/ "Though gestural
isolation gesture, one-to-many, moment; sphere: why sinter aligned
topography, topology reside. placed database .echo (alt-X arts, 200110)
Pass thresher, pass threshold...) fields, sense, fakes, manipulation,
here.) idols, constantly return, meaning- Yamaha sampler think) sical
technically we'll hi8 upped 32 seconds late-night divide sliding symbols
lending serrated photoshop shots Experimental Television photography,
course, ultimately flows. parallel processings, (I networks, defending
Sharon Apple, retouched, _noiseless there, shudder becoming-0110 [encoding
format], variations; bypasses "truth" particulation pixel. [The cassette,
tape disk

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