The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 25, 2007

ah, fire-eagles

configures the burn of the skin, Jenni
jennifer i still see those
ages from the war and flying inthe distance
nested in a dista
the distance a reasonable
way from the train or nested in a reasonable distance from the train
they're turned from the indexical to the symbolic
, not that anyone or
any machine caresw
waiting for us in the distance it
saddens me with the length and growh
th of the dayi foun
  i found a
book on the bandaging of the body is this why is this important to us
holding the body in check in abeyance the sex

we shall not see again in our lifetimes the body is a starship
crash-landed tokyo or washington or some other state or city-state,
they're all within the smeall
collapse's odor, flesh rotting,

oh stop it jennifer! it's such a lovely day!

and which ware julu which war are you talking about then there are eagles
they're paying no attenntion to us they're jerked around by the movement
of the train
nor why should they fires in the distance but not there fires always
somewhere else that all this is disapeparing that all this will disapepar
recently julu leaks ut there's that metaphor of the wounded and helpless
the body is a planet they're all city-states, they're all waiting for the
fires, they're all monitoring eagles, they're all bandaged, they're all
yes, and the fire clouds, so lovely so beautiful orange!

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