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June 26, 2007


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now we shall discover whether or not there is a moment when the gears
thou in a form or discovery moving the imaginary through motility,

together, there's no today or tomorrow, this is redone from the rules
and raises, the digital stutters among the protocols; it's the
how much farther should this be taken, without that test producing
hopefully something other than a poetics of the same, the same rubbed
one might have something to say, and here is the space to say it

interact one against another, shifting the i from thous and thou to
oh this is an explanation of the imaginary, or at least of its
indexicality, as these spaces become bodies, sutures, stitched
originary brilliance which has faded due to clerical error. the analog
digital, as Baldwin says, which harbors the HOW against the analog's
other, the WHY, which remains mute, broken, bludgeoned. raw against
the form here or elsewhere. now julu-jennifer mourned and borne into

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this section represents the other of the same, let us say, julu
the dotted line represents a suture, adjoining one to another,
ing, in fact, the line stitched across the screen. so that one
is torn into two, two into one, and the split which is occasioned
for example to jennifer, hello myself, and jennifer might well
motion here bringing two into i-thou relation, dissolved, further,
chora or the slew or slurry, all of these, then, miserable only in
their enunciation of exploration elsewhere. for there is no such

now for example, there are 'video phone calls between jennifer and
julu,' but it is unclear whose image, if any appears on the screen;
be invisible. this struggles the HOW of the digital, even here,
where WHY analogic is the question jennifer-julu wants, more than

for the very real protocols cutting, like knives, across one's
imagination, harbored by the screen?

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or slurry of composite materials, held together in a generalized
nature of the ground. it's a delusion to assume one can without
beginning or ending and with the foresight of the sheet of assertion
for example or mode of retaining a data-base only to the extent that
it is torn asunder; the body wants its whole w/hole or mouth mow,
or (and remember those bandages, jennifer, surely that m├żamounted to
something? conversing that sweeps the skin clear of demarcations,
oh desire, don't you? and the way everything comes together, just

"accordingly." amphiboles allow nothing to be

act of inhabitation or mourning. there is the analogic stone,
amphibole skein or other insipid formation that retains the very live
in this fashion, without cultural striation, in a dream-world a lack
of knowledge or other means of (literal) support: without classifica-
tion or mode of employment. in this manner writing stitches together
what is inscribed that covers in full the replete construal of earth
or star. the body is its scallop, concavity, if nothing more than a
means of restraining both inscription and desire. i'm wet, at a loss
in this julu, what's happening!? flows from all directions, i love my
balanced on the lip which speech proceeds

taken for granite. (julu)

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