The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 3, 2007

histoire. memoire.

life in this parts have been pretty good.
good life has parted from me.
life has never been good.

you might think more about life if you knew how close i was to death.
i am a walking living death. i am welkin.
i will take my life out like a dog.
you will take your dog out to the desert beyond the desert.

they tackle my parasites and defeat me. my defeat strengthens me.
my defeat strengthens me to defeat me.
death, be my harbinger. an omen of omens, sign of signs.
kings of kings and queens of queens.

my body is run replete with something of no consequence.
i speak to you over the wires.
plates of glass and memories ta'en up and laid to rest.
i rescue you in bitterness for the gall and ferocity of life.

i will gouge my eyes out if you don't.
if you don't gouge out my eyes, i will.
if you don't gouge out your eyes, i will.
you will gouge out your eyes if i don't.

hello earth i am not dead i am not healthy. i am what you say.
life, you are a maelstrom to me.
i will put out my eyes and put out my life.

you will shoot it. then you will shoot yourself.
these words were spoken by a dead man a dead woman.
they live inside of me furiously.
i will defeat myself i will kill myself.

i will give a yes yes yes to life. i will give nothing up to death.
you can see death in their eyes. you can see eyes.
sometimes you wake up and you think; eyes are all i see.
a world of eyes watching death, cultivating the garden of death.

the wires burn; there is the smell of burning flesh.
burning flesh, wires, photography and photography's plates.
running everywhere but where.
the fireflies light up the sightless nighttime sky.

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