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July 10, 2007

memories of freedom wallpaper for mike metz.

my dead cage wallpaper because my dead soul wallpaper.

Tantric Code Language

bhagavan aha/
kollaire tthia bola mummunire kakkola
ghana kibida ho vajjai karune kiai na rola//(6)
tahi baru khajjai gade maana pijjai
hale kalinjara paniai dunduru tahi vajjiai//(7)
causama kacchuri sihla kappura laiai
malaindhana salinja tahi bharu khaiai//(8)
premkhana kheta karante sugghasuddha na muniai
niramsua amga cadabi tahim ja saraba paniai//(9)
malayaje kunduru batai dindima tahin na vajjiai//(10)

     Bhagavan replied: O! the Bola is located at Kollagiri, the Kakkola at
Mummuni. The hand-drum is sounded forcefully; Compassion is affected, not
discord. Here we eat meat and drink liquor in large quantities. Hey! Here
the worthy ones enter, the unworthy ones are barred. We bring faeces,
urine, menstrual blood and semen. Here we eat herbs and human flesh with
relish. We move to and fro without consideration of pure or impure.
Adorning our limbs with bone-ornaments, here we enter the corpse.
     In the meeting we perform the sexual union; the untouchable is not
rejected here.

-- The Concealed Essence of the Hevajara Tantra with the Commentary
Yogaratnamala, G.W.. Farrow and I. Menon, trans., II, 4, Seals

>From the Yogaratnamala Commentary:
kollai (Kollagiri): Refers to the Pitha (shrine) of that name.
mummuni: Refers to the Ksetra of that name.
bola ... kakkola (male sexual organ ... female sexual organ): Indicates
the meeting, although they are initially apart, of the yogi and yogini who
are characterized by these two organs respectively.
kibida (hand-drum): Is the code word for the hand-drum.

Farrow and Menon:
kakkola - code word for the female sexual organ
bola - code work for Vajra, the male sexual organ
sandhyabhasa: Tantric Code Language. As examples of sandhyabhasa, the
Hevajra Tantra lists about twenty code words. In the Candrakirti's
Pradipodyotana commentary on Guhyasamaja Tantra sandhyabhasa is one of the
sex ways by which the contents of the tantra are interpreted. The Carya
songs of the Mahassidhas are mostly couched in code lnaguage. [...] This
code system has been discussed by various eminent scholars. Many of the
discussions have been based on the mistranslation of the word sandhyabhasa
and what constitutes instances of sandhyabhasa. In our opinion too much of
little consequence has been written on this subject.

[Sandhyabhasa is intrinsically clear; the authors' use of 'system' in the
definition above, is not. I'd like to think that sandhyabhasa mostly moves
from inscription to abjection; all of this might well be lost in the
descent to English.]

Alex Wayman:
kunduru (resin) - union of the two
kakkola (perfume) - lotus
dindima (small drum) - untouchable

Agehannanda Bharati:
bola(ka) (Tib. bo la) 'gum myrrh' (a) -> vajra (Tib. rdo rje) 'the
kakkola(ka) (Tib. kakko la) n.p. of an aromatic plant, and of the perfume
made from the plant (a) -> padma (Tib. padma) 'lotus'

Bharati quoting Shahidullah from his edition of the Dohakosa and the
padma 'lotus' -> (e) bhaga 'vulva'
vajra 'thunderbolt', the absolute (e) -> linga 'phallus'

Bharati quoting Eliade:
vajra 'thunderbolt' -> linga, sunya 'voidness,' 'the void,' vacuite

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