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July 12, 2007

(They released my cd - all their cds are interesting - Alan)

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Subject: at last! new fire museum releases!

(go to for all the links. Nathamuni Brothers were an incredible carnatic brass band channelling ayler and twisted klezmer without knowing of either - and pulga are one of the greatest psychedelic experimental mindfucks out there!)

7/11/2007: Preorder Nathamuni Brothers & Pulga, we eat the postage hike (for now)

Up now on the preorder page is a special deal when you order both of these amazing discs together - $16 for both! Of course you have the option to preorder the Nathamuni Brothers or Pulga discs individually as well. The release date for these is July 30th. We hope not to take nearly as long between releases, and pretty much have the next two ready to go off to the manufacturer after the preorder mania dies down.

As most of you residing in the usa are probably aware, postage rates have gone up recently. After thinking about it for awhile, we have decided not to raise our postage and handling charges. It'll mean that we make less on each sale obviously, but it won't take that much longer to (hopefully) reach the break even point. Of course, when rates go up again we will probably have to follow suit.

As always, thanks for reading!

coming soon! fm 09 & 10
nathamuni brothers - madras 1974
pulga - pulga loves you

fire museum records
po box 42318
philadelphia, pa 19101 usa

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