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July 15, 2007

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Alan Sondheim: Philosophy

   'How to begin philosophy, how to begin the process of philosophizing,
   an activity, a form of labor, the philosopher and the production.
   Whether the philosophy is cast asunder, whether it is interpretable,
   that is, translatable; whether it remains intrinsic to the act of
   philosophizing, therefore bound. If bound, whether it is of the
   substance or thing or continuity of its creation, or whether it is of
   some other substance, some other, cast asunder; whether the
   production is one with its production; whether the producer is one
   with the production. Here beginning without return, without recourse
   to the return, beginning in the sense of an act of writing
   designating this particular production which is named "Philosophy."'

Alan Sondheim's books include the anthology Being on Line: Net Subjectivity, 
Disorders of the Real, .echo, Vel, Sophia, Orders of the Real, and The Wayward 
as well as numerous other chapbooks, ebooks, and articles. His video and film 
have been internationally shown. Sondheim co-moderates several pioneering email 
lists, including Cybermind, Cyberculture and Wryting. Since January, 1994, he 
has been working on an "Internet Text," a continuous meditation on philosophy, 
psychology, language, body, and virtuality.

Sondheim's work is trans-media; his emphasis is on writing, theory, and
digital performance.

Linguablanca Chapbook Number 18

ISBN 978-952-5256-06-2 (PDF)
24 pp. 21 cm

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July 14, 2007

Blood Tantra, Second Life

You: beneath the waves, i'm
You: yes i can cannot i with my foot surrounding my neck
You: who will read my
You: now i am transformed into an impossible position
You: slow as can be, this
You: tired as i am, this lake
You: so back for i am/furious leaning
You: /if you are lucky you may see my face
You: /if you are lucky you may caress me /jjj
You: /i am complete i will turn and stare your engagement to me
You: not quite your engagement /mmm
You: my back towards you i am typing furiously i am turning
You: turning you around when you stop this
You: now i am through myself and through you
You: prims are not primitive but primeval but primevaluation /ooo
You: /i will turn dawn will turn dusk for you against the red sea
You: of my menses /ttt
You: you cannot track me, i face towards your hieroglyph right your
    hieroglyph left
You: recognizing this is always the only remnant of inscription me /rrr
You: coming closer, feet in the air against red sunset blood menses
You: while inscriptive devices active my text as it were my very self
You: my very self absent from this space /ppp
You: o! shall i have the encumberance of acting for you in this writing
You: i am neither here nor there i disappear my bones disappear /[[[
You: my face disappear /]]]
You: i am bound by the edges of the world my blood is everywhere
You: the world swallows my blood the world swallows me /888
You: the world is all that is the casein the world drowns me in my blood
You: oh my children /777
You: oh my children /666
You: i am turned inside out for you i am face left for you face right
    for you /444
You: my arm are broken my leg are broken my arm move my leg move /222
You: of what is the gathering /ooo
You: of text when i will speak through blood through /ddd /ddd
You: so quickly will i speak through /bbb /bbb
You: so quickly will i drown in /lll /lll
You: i want you /666
You: i face you first time i come towards you first time /666 /666
You: you see my face you see my loving skin you inside my skin =
You: you record my skin you choose me among the stars
You: you suckle the interior of my breasts my womb my mouth
You: you come in my belly my things you come in legs and arms
You: i will stare you come towards me /vvv /vvv /vvv
You: =i
You: i will stare you come through me oh the blood stars await
    elsewhere on other other side
You: blood stars of my skin my flesh you will read my inscribe you
    will think
You: =you will think you yes yes have me /555
You: you will think you yes yes yes own me /hhh/hhh
You: my veins are your veins my blood your blood my menses your menses
You: more of anything than this my ocean your ocean my seas your seas
    /iii /iii
You: =of the darkling world this wood
You: of the darkling world this wooing
You: /zzz /zzz of the darkling world this bone skin flesh skin text /zzz
You: =of the skin of this flesh /zzzz
You: of the skin of this flesh of the bones of my lips you shall not
You: my lips you shall not penetrate /qqq /qqq /qqq /qqq /qqq
You: =i am your interior i write into your interior
You: i am the world and the letter
You: the world is the letter
You: the world is the letter
You: the letter is the world
You: /eee /eee
You: =goodbye my letter eye goodbye /iii


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