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The following were recorded on a Casio or other small keyboard (with built-in 
rhythm and minimal bass) a few years ago; I recently found the tape and added 
echo. 3 has some slow and moody 1 is furious and fast 2 is a continuation of 1 
4 is fast-melodic. They're sections of a continuous 20 minute improvisation. 
I'm really happy with these - not only what I was able to do on the keyboard, 
but the surge of the music, tsunami. (This might have to do with an ongoing 
interview I'm doing about the music I did in the 60s. I think the Casio is from 
the late 90s. Apologies for the slightly large size of the mp3s but it's 
necessary; there's too much going on to cut back on the bandwidth.) Then 
there's buddhist immediately following (text).


more "The The want. more "The tired tired "The I more tired. tired. more know 
more know the I more the less I "The I less less know more know don't don't 
know I the know." know." the know less But know." the the don't Oh But less 
less know." what know. don't don't Oh and Oh don't know." what more. to know." 
But Oh is what But Oh to less. and know. what To To Oh to more. am am more. and 
is so tired, to Oh To tired, so is to tired, want Jennifer, To less. Jennifer, 
play tired, so so want this want am tired, want play Jennifer, so Jennifer, 
play this play Jennifer, Jennifer, this game. want want want silly To this 
Jennifer, play game. game. play want game. you am silly play To want. you game. 
this am tired are silly silly are tired. want. To game. tired The game. you 
tired you want.  tired. are tired The tired.

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