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July 28, 2007


sections of control performed by sandy baldwin alan sondheim
in sl east of odyssey excerpted from 19-minute video in which
sound provides the motive and text provides the moment of

the full video would be around 200 megabytes highly compressed;
this is bad enough but sufficient and indicative of the sort of
psychodrama undergone by avatars in disregard of their human
creators who remain in the background while sky land and skin
turn blood

this is america and iraq this is gender this is all or none this
is gray code incremental

learn the art of gray code and you will never have error again

Uncanny Beauty

shelf equation resulting

now coding process

Coding process consists of four arrows.

Class 0 and Class 4 interact, encode, decode, model transmission
through Interface 1: Interface 1 may be an encoder, decoder, channel,
none or all of these. But there are results and results.

However think through a second process.

Interface 6 and Interface 1 interact, transform the ontology of
Class 7. Thus Class 7 is virtual by dint of representation through
the processes of Interface 6 and Interface 1. Perhaps the full
model is a ghost trap within which the epistemological changes
among Class 4 and Class 0 are iin relation to the ontological
change of Class 7, virtual. Then perhaps Interface 6 and Interface 1
are in a continuous process of evanescence, disappearance. These are
the models of coding process.

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