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July 30, 2007


moktak composition for plane, bird, lake, moktak

"Mandala is the impression of the feet." (Hevajratantra)

"May I hear the three sounds, may I perceive the three forms."

"Having said this to witness I will have been reborn."

"Propitiation dies with the insurmountable corpse."

"Meditate upon the double entrance of the circle."

"The accountancy of rebirth is of no account at all (i.e. nothing)."

"All afflictions, all sufferings, extinguished by these words."

"The whole of existence, Clear Light and mirror."

"Ten directions and no sounds, two directions, semen and blood."

"Ten directions, no sounds, the (fierce) corpse is killed."

"May I perceive the word of the corpse."

"Death is a tautology."

"May I perceive the word of death."

on our earth, the killdeer

we are on earth for such a shorttime, we have no more than a picture.
the picture is what we think of when we say, 'the way things are.'
just yesterday or tomorrow, something new, perhaps a bee.
the bee pollenates a flower shortly after our death.
there is a storm somewhere.
just now, i am beginning to understand the alarm calls of the killdeer.
the ghost of a shorebird, the feint, the run, the back and forth.
everything, everyone, lives in a different world.
i can say this because the image is always a sad image, the image is in
mourning for our death.

like neural signals, the killdeer calls are a mix of analog and digital
phenomenology - their frequency is very narrow, and the repetitions of
standard (most likely territorial or display) calls are easily comprehen-
ded - at least they appear to be (the cry of the killdeer is easily iden-
tified) - on the other hand, there are temporal processes, non-standard
pitch and repetition, which present information, in this case alarm based
on distance, degree of threat, etc. - as far as i can tell - which means
nothing at all - on the sample you hear both calls and responses and the
changes within individual calls as well.

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