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moktak composition for plane, bird, lake, moktak

"Mandala is the impression of the feet." (Hevajratantra)

"May I hear the three sounds, may I perceive the three forms."

"Having said this to witness I will have been reborn."

"Propitiation dies with the insurmountable corpse."

"Meditate upon the double entrance of the circle."

"The accountancy of rebirth is of no account at all (i.e. nothing)."

"All afflictions, all sufferings, extinguished by these words."

"The whole of existence, Clear Light and mirror."

"Ten directions and no sounds, two directions, semen and blood."

"Ten directions, no sounds, the (fierce) corpse is killed."

"May I perceive the word of the corpse."

"Death is a tautology."

"May I perceive the word of death."

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