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the mirror

everything has been said about the mirror, speech cannot reflect,
lip reading is muscle reading, speech reflects upon speech,
there is here and that, there are no scent, touch, nothing of
temperature or sound, sound may reflect, not here and now among
the eye, there are no taste, of which the pure, for example that
dirty bum over there, no need to clean her mirror cloth, brilliant,
what happens before the mirror is caught within the mirror, from a
certain viewpoint, certain angle, not everywhere, not even where
you or i are

the mirror is a form of digital memory, instantaneous release and
absence of commitment, filtered the visible within the eternal,
that is to say positioning the eternal, positing the turn away
from, away from what, from contagion, from what cannot reflect or
be reflected, there are always exceptions, less relevant than one
might think, what is the rule here, only photonic mechanisms,
absorption release, according to what, according to mathesis, to
pure form itself, to the cleansed mirror, forgetting just the rest
of things

turning the mirror off, turning away from the mirror, from mirror
or mirroring, even the shift at an obtuse angle, there it goes,
there it all goes

but the memory, that is, of the digital before its bearing, before
presage, prespeech, of a future anterior, which is what, which is
why the mirror appears to foretell what, foretell the future

which is why the future is digital

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