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August 4, 2007

Aero Service: Blurred visual and diegetic codes

"No. T os t pla w ll. oul ar ly t ll you t wasn't or your vo ."

"A sa lor's w , a sa l-or's star s oul
Star-r-r-r-r-r s oul
Star-r-r-r-r-r s oul "

"It w s som sort o r ittin ost t t l n m t t sl p w llop," r r , w o, s
w know,w s r pr nsi ly iv n to sl n on ll o sions.

u by N wit s torc r a y or n- stant ar n n , t two a s b an to t r a t maz
o corr ors an passa s. T a b o n t s or s v r a m nut s, an w r b nn n to
t rath r b w r , w n N stopp su n y ust as t y nt r a ong corr or p rc w t
oors, w t t sam monotonous r u ar ty as t ot rs. x n u s t n t w n o an y
, an r w rc sw y nto mbrasur o a oorway as so.

(From "The Dreadnought Boys on Aero Service," Captain Wilbur Lawton,
1912, transformed into code book by "Sam Rowe - 1942".)

Part of code cipher given after the last:
A B C D+41 E+34 F+40 G+0 H+35 I+40 J+24 K+47 L+25 M N O P Q R S T U V W X

little saucers of rhetoric

if you cannot believe these are true, you are naive
if you believe these are true, you truly see through things
things as they are are not things as they seem to be
to see through things is to understand true conspiracies
by definition all conspiracies are true
the transparency of these images implies their opacity
the world is encrypted
to believe otherwise is to live and die on the surface
the wise follow themselves no matter where they lead
leaders speak other languages
conspiracy implies the regularity of the surface
surfaces close ranks behind the naive
one sees only the tips of signs like icebergs
signs emerge at unexpected moments of everyday life
the rule of conspiracy:
((( a -> b ) & ( c -> d )) -> (( e -> a ) & ( e -> c )))
the center is the peripheral
belief in conspiracy is not belief
there are those who do not want you to believe this
that there are those who do not want you to believe this makes you
i am important since i have discovered that there are those who do
  not want you to believe this
because i am important you are important
because i write this you are important
listen: sound, not sight, travels through walls
linear sight disrupts the signs revealed by scripture and inscription
conspiracy is aural
this is an absolute and absolute truth

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