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August 6, 2007

crystal radio doldrums tending towards scribbles

silly little drawings as i try to get the 1912 +/- crystal radio
to work:

from a letter - so far I've been able to hear nothing except slight
crackles when lightning's around. I'm not sure what the problem is. The
earphones are the right age (1918) and impedence; they work. The crystal
seems fine. There are problems with the taps on the inner coil, but I
found work-arounds. I also tried to use just the outer coil. Nothing is
audible at all, just silence, not even 60 hz hum. We're not in a radio
dead-zone; I should at least be picking up static.

The diagram I'm working with is at
- I'm not using capacitors, however (and they weren't employed much of the
time at the period. I've also tried alternative ways of wiring, still

I can't imagine what's going on. I've been using proper grounding and a
fifty foot antenna; this should be sufficient for testing. If you have any
ideas, please let me know!

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