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August 14, 2007

aliens from space

once the trick is discovered, it's discovered that the real is no trick.
that is all that can be said about the real; there is much to be said
about display and tricks. consider this trick, whose illusion is entirely
transparent: there is no trick. or perhaps the trick is that there is no
trick, that what is there is here, present, presencing. and it is clear as
well that this presencing is the result of digital deconstruction: of
what? of the vagaries of the wind which are apparent by virtue of timed
mappings. that is to say: paths are chosen, or the parameters are chosen,
and the rest follows. i would go so far as to argue that reality is a
trick or masquerade, hiding nothing, the scaffolding such as it is. the
question about a trick is how is it done, but the trick of the real is
that it is never done, never performed; one characterizes the real as that
which is never performed. here by the real i include reality, and by
reality i include the real; think of this as irrelevant epistemological

still there is the wonder of the thing or process. it is the wonder of it
that keeps it interesting; it is the wonder that implies that we ourselves
and the trick are on the same side of the real, which is the real.

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