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weather of the sea

there's an audience in a large hall. they're listening to lightning. they
have to listen through lots of radio they're not interested in. they're
interested in lightning but lightning comes at a price. there were
silences then and lightning dwelled in many mansions. think of the
mansions and the forgetting of words and music. think of forgetting the
sounds and cries for help and wars of mass destruction. think of wars of
mass destruction and the silence of proper-name-one. think of the silence
of the destruction of capitol-one. think of the noise of capitol-two,
capitol-three, -four -five. lightning hisses, crackles, stutters, roars,
shudders. there's an audience in a large hall. there's radio in the hall
and outside, why outside it's storming. think of the weather of the sea.

(the radio, it's storming, weather in the sea.)

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