The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

big penis rock hard balls joy ride history of the world

teenage boys drive big penises and wear big penis ornaments and we're all
pushing our tiny penises around the playing field or looking for a rhyme
to hid our tiny penises while we arm ourselves with big penis guns and
missiles all pointy and the like to kill big and little penises anywhere
we can, we want to be the only penises in sight and we want our tiny
penises hidden but our big penis houses and big giant penis top-fuel
dragsters in sight so we can raise big-penis fear while we stain books and
canvas with big penis smearings while our tiny penises throb and shake,
teenage boys send big penis smearings across networks and wires smearing
tags blowing bits and bytes while big penises announce they are hot and
ready and there and their tiny penises shake with joy and happiness and
our big penis arms push tiny penis boys into dirt and girls and big penis
legs throw bombs into books made from bombs and we big-penis love
everything that thumps and throws giant balls into girl ball party groups,
makes big penis sound jump the curb, when we drive we say Our big penis
has arrived, Yes, Our big penis is here, we write big penis books, we
point big penises, big giant penises, enormous penises, things disappear

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