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Cryptic Philosophy of Dispersion

Reification as false consciousness in relation to mediation of labor

BUT commodities in relation to exchange-value are transformed into
fields of exchange - the ontology of commodities becomes a process-
ontology (as opposed to state)

Statements are reification / residue - their communality establishes
virtual community (all communities are virtual)

Commodities and statements are field phenomena (re: Minsky, mind)

(Field phenomena are virtual) (Processes are virtual)

BUT what do we mean by virtual?

Processes and communities are measurable through verification
procedures inhabiting inscriptions

Don't all verification procedures inhabit inscriptions?

What constitutes the MATERIAL SUBSTRATE of verification?

One can imagine an OBJECT, but one can also imagine a REPORT


Inscriptions are REPORTS OF REPORTS

REPORTS SPLIT into constituent syntactical elements


Rewriting Marx via Lukacs: "A commodity is therefore not a thing at all.
The social character of human labor appears to us as an objective
character stamped upon processes which problematize the very concept of
objective character. Social relations are smeared among processes and
consciousnesses, among the social and a hypothetical objectivity. Not
commodities, but commodification is simultaneously perceptible and
imperceptible, and commodification undermines the very concept of 'thing'
as well as 'ding an sich.' The relationships among humans and processes
are incapable of disentanglement; we are far from the techne of Marx and
classical reification of Lukacs."

Rewriting Foucault: "Concepts such as discontinuity, rupture, threshold,
limit, series, and transformation all characterize, not only the analogic
and digital, but the liminal regions of consciousness and physicality
inhabiting (not existing within) the virtual. Now we can call 'formula-
tion' the individual or collective process that construes signs, signing,
tagging, and/or inscription (keeping in mind that THE VIRTUAL IS ALWAYS
INSCRIPTION). Formulation, if an event at all, is a smeared or stained
process which can never be localized (located by its spatio-temporal
coordinates); it need not relate to an author, issue from an author (real
or virtual or bot or any Other/other); if one insists that formulation is
performative, then one must also insist that THE WORLD ITSELF IS PERFORM-
ATIVE. There is no getting around the sign, getting around with it; it is
easier than one might think to get around without it."

"_Letter Deity._ Then, think that [the mind realizing the ultimate deity]
appears in the sky in the aspect of the written letters of the mantra of
the appropriate deity. Think that the mind having the aspect of [realis-
ing] the suchness of oneself and the deity as undifferentiable has become
a moon disc and that on it [the letters] are set in order [the sounds of
the letters mixing with the form] like very pure mercury adhering [that
is, mixing completely with] grains of gold. This is the letter deity."
(Tsong-ka-pa, The Yoga of Tibet, The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra,
trans. Jeffrey Hopkins.)

Akasa (space, principle of accommodation): "Akasa ever remains untouched
by dust and darkness. Dust and darkness appear and disappear; they are
contingent; but akasa ever remains as it is. They are not anything that
itself arises and perishes, nor do they ever become dirty; not becoming
dirty they cannot even be said to have become pure, for they never were
impure; in truth they lie beyond the determinate natures of pure and
impure. They ever remain untouched by dust and water." (Reworked from
Nagarjuna's Philosophy as presented in The Maha-Prajnaparamita-Sastra, K.
Venkata Ramanan.)

Begin with singularities within a classical Wittgenstein (TLP) / Hertz
axiomatic tradition; subtract the logicism; liquify the singularities;
channel them through Waddington's chreods; channel them through hierarchic
networks; channel them through holarchic networks; eliminate the nodes and
channels; transform the liquidity into dust-motilities; transform the
dust-motilities into radiations; transforms the traditions into groundless
flux-processes; whirl the flux-processes around the interned memory of
singularities and axiomatics; report back to the reports; report nowhere;
whirl the flux-processes around the reports; remember deaths and annihila-
tions; whirl the deaths, the annihilations...

(Distorted signals from satellite television channel playing a Roy Rogers
film; the soundtrack was corrupted. I filtered the result; royrogers2 is
spoken-word and perhaps of greater interest.)

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