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poonis varianoois

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the w poonis rld

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field poonis r l poonis poonis king f poonis r a rhyme t poonis hid poonis
ur tiny penises while we arm poonis urselves with big penis guns and
missiles all p poonis inty and the like t poonis kill big and little
penises anywhere we can, we want t poonis be the poonis nly penises in
sight and we want poonis ur tiny penises hidden but poonis ur big penis h
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canvas with big penis smearings while poonis ur tiny penises thr poonis b
and shake, teenage b poonis ys send big penis smearings acr poonis ss netw
poonis rks and wires smearing tags bl poonis wing bits and bytes while big
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tiny penises shake with j poonis y and happiness and poonis ur big penis
arms push tiny penis b poonis ys int poonis dirt and girls and big penis
legs thr poonis w b poonis mbs int poonis b poonis poonis ks made fr
poonis m b poonis mbs and we big-penis l poonis ve everything that thumps
and thr poonis ws giant balls int poonis girl ball party gr poonis ups,
makes big penis s poonis und jump the curb, when we drive we say Our big
penis has arrived, Yes, Our big penis is here, we write big penis b poonis
poonis ks, we p poonis int big penises, big giant penises, en poonis rm
poonis us penises, things disappear

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