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Appelle of hir I

$ James Ellroy: "Maintenant je sais"
$ James Ellroy: "Elle nous appelle."
$ "I can brush my lines across your face and tears"
$ "No longer fall the colour of the squid"
$ "Oh you kid what have you did why is it hid"
$ Martha Graham: "I am a dancer."
$ James Ellroy: "Elizabeth Short. Le fantome, la page blanche ou inscrire
   nos peurs et nos desirs."
$ Martha Graham: "I am not short, Mr Kurtz he dead, maintenant je sais."
$ "The thrust of the squid wrapped what?"
$ "Elizabeth's short body across the Blood Memory of Martha Graham."
   > en point(e) no face
$ M Ellroy do not speak for me (E. Kurtz)

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