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September 3, 2007



words by alansondheim rearranged by azurecarter
music and voice by azurecarter

"Something glistening
Something of skin and hair torn
Charred, cracked, raw skin
Read to be sure

Transformations through void
Standing in
For standing out

"This grand season
Before the festival of cauldron

"I can hardly move
I can hardly breathe
Thrust among us
Rendered parts

"Extensions of Chora
Processes within
Erratic behaviors
Totality and sin

"Intensions of language
Partial Objects
Created among clusters
Infinite abacus

"This grand season [...]

"I can hardly move [...]

"Ascendent maw
O carapace
Inclement weathers
Metonymic process

"Telling of culture
I need to know
Will you be auspicious
Daishin Nikuko

"This grand season [...]

"I can hardly move [...]"


long harmonica solo on Hohner Victoria harmonica;
this is from 1901 and unusual - there are no sound-holes,
creating a soft 'velvet' sound
(a long form replete with errors, working myself into and
out of corners, pretending everything was/is perfect)

6 impressions of liberty over the labor day weekend in new york

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