The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 9, 2007

of utmost beauty

what i want to do in a future exhibition installation show

after the onset enlightenment tone on a pair of large Tibetan cymbals
breathing out as continuing into the metallic fiber of the planet

these are works i've wanted to do for a long long time
wanting is always a removal

molecular atomic structures and consorts traveling across metallic plains
of unknown metals these plains
of unknown sounds beyond or beneath sounds these plains

shuddering in very low frequency radio couplings if one so desires
traveling metals and universes through universes
these universes momentarily harden and vibrate imperfect harmonies
or perhaps harmonies perfect in discordance harmonies after enlightenment

who could doubt the breathing of metal or water breathing of fire or air
who could doubt breathing of this or that area
or the breathing of those shallows or hills or sides of hills
the breathing of those areas of sloping hills
those areas somewhere among the shallows
or those breathings in concordance discordance

nothing setting into motion, no things motioning, nothing beckoning
i've wanted to do these for a long time, i prepared carefully
i prepared carefully, i did them, i don't want to do them any more

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