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September 11, 2007

Mathesis of Killing Field

It comes down to this: here is an organism of a particular species, or
rather a sample or individual of that species, and here is a second
organism of the same; call the first 2 and the second 1. Then 1 kills 2
for one or another reason, let us say for sexual-territorial reasons or
reasons of anger or insanity. An entire world is lost with the death of 2
and this includes the family of 2 and friends of 2 who must now reorganize
and divides the belongings or nest or nestlings of 2 which most likely,
the last, will not survive. 1 kills 2 with its bare hands. Let us assume
consciousness and ethos, then we will not have a problem with this equa-
tion, the acquaintance-world of 2 may then retaliate. But I say 1 is a
criminal and if there is justice in this world or any other, then 1 must
be rendered impotent, that is the actions of 1 must be short-circuited,
circumvented, 1 must be rendered useless, ridiculous, harmless. Let us say
1 has hired or imposed force upon 3 to kill 2, then let us hold 1 doubly
responsible and 3 singly responsible. It comes down to an organism killing
another organism and the implications of habitus, political economy, the
social, on this action which is only, but not for 2, part of a train of
actions, what we might call activity in general. I say 1 is a criminal and
must be treated as such and the justification of 'war' is meaningless in
this regard, if 1 is the violator, even given the activity. I say 1 must
be rendered harmless. I say for example a president who sends people to
war, who insists on war, is not only barbaric, but a criminal situating
itself behind a bureaucracy, rewriting the languages of legality in order
to create a situation otherwise known as murder. It is as simple, I say,
as 1 over or through 2, that is a singularity within which 2 is stopped
through no reason of hir own, that there is a chain between 1 and 2. I say
as well that religion is not justice, religion is the enemy of justice,
and no appeal subvents or justifies the elimination of 2, insofar as 1 has
been aggressor, it does not matter what masquerades as results or
interpretations, what masquerades as the deconstruction of the real, in
this case destruction of the real, concrete, inert destruction. I say our
enemy is among us, our enemy is a president who is doubly an enemy, first
for war and actions against others, second for war and actions against
ourselves, as if we have generated, and we have, this disease in our
midst. Let us think of the habitus of 3, let us mourn 2, let us annihilate
1 who will continue its pyramid of annihilation until all is lost, until
so much is lost that the losing and what is gone have been forgotten. Let
us remember that a performative carries force, not the force of justice,
which has no force, and that the blindness of justice is the only sight
there is. Let us remember that all other sight is invested, and thereby
corporate, even the other-sight of the pre-industrial, that only the
other-side other-sight of the chthonic may remain speechless and true and
just, the slight memory of 3, the deepest and most violent rape of 1, that
2 no longer figures into this broken equation. 1, 3, equivalence sutures
across the pillage of the dead, equivalence no longer exists. I say let us
remember equivalence and its hammer, neutral, neutral neutral. I say 2 is

Notes for a talk on 'human modeling'

Human Modeling - including 'sex girlfriend modeling,' analog modeling,
avatar modeling and governance issues, technical skin/fabrication issues,
interoperability issues, psychoanalytical/psychological issues, virtual
and augmented realities, etc.

My early work on the 'topology of intentionality' - structuring of
psychoanalytical transformations within and without the symbolic. I'm
thinking also psychoanalytical modeling in general.

What does it mean to model the human? (What constitutes a model?)

Avatars in Second Life, Poser: modeling paralleling the appearance of the
human body. This might be considered formal mimicry.

Take the formal mimicry down to its basic elements, remapped in Blender
and/or other 3d programs: interrelationships of limbs. Empathetic
identification with emotional 'states' indicated by limb arrangements.

Return to the full body in Second Life: Mapping in which tensions reflect
human behaviors/activities - sexual, angered, submissive, dominant, and so
forth. The _surreal_ body - manipulations impossible in the real world.

The interior of the avatar body: sheaves, intersections, hollows. What
coheres externally falls apart to the point of transparency, disjunctions.
(Imagine pulling a weight around in second life, lungs or heart or liver:
how would that 'be'?)

Think of the system/panoply of gestures in silent film: moving from
gesture to gesture. So there are codes and narratives constructed from
moments of codes.

Issues of scripting: To what level of detail (differentiation, integra-
tion) are behaviors applied? Double level of extrapolation: Poser or
Second Life morphing - then the coding in relation to human morphing
(morphology). In other words <pose1> - {X} - <pose2> where {X} is the
potential set of generated 'betweens' in Poser or human behavior. In Poser
jump-cuts are conceivable if details down to the level of the frame are
perceptibly disparate (disconnected); in human behavior, jump-cuts are

In human behavior, matter and time flow continuously; Reichenbach's gen-
identity holds. Poser is cinematic, spatially analogic, temporally
digital; human behavior is spatially and temporally analogic.

Modeling and the 'uncanny' - modeling of human meat. (Disturbances of the
field - Carolee Schneeman, Beuys, early Acconci, are relevant here, a
minimum of props.) What are the empathetic forces at work across the real/
virtual boundary? What are the introjective/projective (i.e. jectivities)

Consider: humans are always already modeled in relation to each other; to
themselves. Modeling is replete inscription; inscription implies codes and
protocols. The condition is always one of culture; culture characterizes
the organic (think of Heinz von Foerster on negation as fundamental to
organic behavior). There are issues of self/other, body-skein, suturing,
healing, etc.

Human modeling, avatar-creation: 1. the body (space); 2. the body in time
(behavior) - body as behavior-space.

Behavioral coding: neural nets on one hand, bvh files and totalized body
on the other: what are the code interstices/interfaces between them?

Attach a neural net to a Poser body; import into Blender (element reduc-
tion, mapping), import into Second Life (formal description of tension /
relaxation in space-time).

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