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emotions decrees music zero

3 solos reflecting a state of consciousness brought about by j indicating
she can tell my moods by the titles for example frustration indicating so
though s/he misses the excitement behind which i'm neutral though the
stuff i make most likely isn't and going broke doesn't help things along
the way as i try to fasten onto 'something creative' so this part's true
my nails cracked something about stress and sleeping in the office at
brown and then i don't want to think about much most music stresses me but
mine doesn't why is that so anyway this is all play-arounds because i
can't do my usual with the right hand there are always other paths. but
really bio stuff - when i'm happiest i write ferocious about torture well
when miserable something comes along out the window tentacle glass lens of
the camera always on the loose it's moi moi moi

what frightens me most? that philosophy always the result of a damaged
life will be itself damaged at best that i'll have nothing to say or it
will be read as symptom or state-of-mind which shouldn't be a leverage at
all any more than if i'm building /dev/nul it doesn't mean suicide or
working as root isn't a sign of megalomania. the interstices of the text,
the working-out of root issues against /dev/nul, the work of modeling a
damaged species, this is fundamental. the sound of moi moi moi builds
rooms where harmonics play against non-existent walls, play against them-
selves, think of walls defined by harmonics, that is wavelengths, nothing
material, you might have quantum rooms like that with music like this
going on in them

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