The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 23, 2007

home and film

1. Why the turtle in turtle.jpg.
The turtle was there on the grounds; the film of the real was projected
beyond or across the world of the turtle, or one should say, home.

2. Why the film of the real.
We watched the screen for hours on end in our home; leaves and branches,
buildings and a solitary star anchored the image changing as the day
changes, and the night.

3. Why the film.
The film was visible in the home of the day, which is to say the tiredness
or sleep of the night; perhaps the night's dream played upon us for those
days and weeks without end.

4. Why is the audience facing elsewhere.
Recording the mise en scene it was more than clear that so many of us are
used to action, the propriety of seizure, grasping at straws; still, there
was something inexorable in the uncanny image which practically slept its
way across the homeland screen.

1. We are contained and we do not escape.
2. In walls and ceilings are walls and ceilings, inescapable.
3. Our sickness travels around our lungs, our feet flail.
4. We do not leave from this spot and someone's naming.

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