The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Xenakis at Target

The True Artist finds Inspiration everywhere. Here I was, in the popular
Target "Department Store" searching for inexpensive miniDV tapes, when I
noticed the speaker system began acting up in a most unusual way, as if it
were consciously imitating the famed composer Xenakis. What to do, what to
do! I quickly took out my surround-sound Zoom H2 solid-state audio recor-
der, and began recording the remarkable Sound, as I paced from speaker to
speaker, passing shoppers who paid little attention to the Beauty in their
midst. Now my only hope is one of them, perhaps someone purchasing toys or
kitchenware, will come across these files, and realize, with a sense of
Loss and Ecstasy, what they had missed, and what has been returned. Ah,
how little Memory is necessary when the hard molecular structure of the
World gives us the Gift of the Past, space-time at our fingertips, silent
Beauty sounding once again.

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