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i'm sick of swallowing

in my own adulterated view, defuge is connected with the hunt as well,
with the ravishment and devouring of the other, with propitiation.

oh i'm so tired having taken you and reduced you to nothing, oh such tired
and you're nothing to me, not even flesh, not even a smear on the carpet,
once ravished, you're all over, what the fuck

i hunt and one of you is not enough; my cock hunts you down. lucky me i
got a gun. lucky me you don't.

kill me, i'm bored.

interest in, and may hunt at his pleasure; where besides the pleasure in
and as I hunt the world of storm, I fear for your safety and my own. In
in my own adulterated view, defuge is connected with the hunt as well,
through the message bases, in the form of a hunt or retrieval: recupera-
that it produced language, just as the hunt did. That the repetitive bab-
 	    then i hunt for something stronger than pills
from the hunt and the preparation of ancient flesh.
constituted, constructed, as the humans on the hunt - no more or less. i
kill all priest. worry lama. hunt rabbi. kill shaman. kill all grand
my own adulterated view, defuge is connected with the hunt as well, (and
the man on the hunt for the rabbit. The man-dog is preyer; the rabbit is
while there's no stopping humans from the hunt -
elon grief dim weapons quiver savoury love hunt obey kids goats loveth
vinegar, the wine! Seize the hand, hunt with it, angle it upward! Mend
deleted weemails should scream them bloody with hunt But them for with now
views them But scream views 349: should them hunt that 349: that But with
bloody is is bloody now for weemails is should with machette. hunt that
now murder scream with scream them for murder with them hunt But just
bloody But with now play play machette. hunt for nowand approach murder
practice. i hunt on the internet. i shape ride on the internet. i speak
You can hunt anywhere, you can hunt online. Ghosts are here, their images

you can't smash them. i want to sleep. kill me, i'm bored.

identity self hunt economy dyad eat wife-force co-

o god ravish me isn't the same as oh god ravish me. i can't tell the
difference. eating flesh helps for a while. fuck you i'll code your flesh
i'll stamp it out. there's this odd calm after the hunt but then it turns
to slaughter. breathing heavy it's a sign. don't wait to breathe heavy.

To code is not to produce codework; it is to produce code on the level of
the code or interface. Bridged code, embedded code, is not codework; the
irreversible spew of cellular automata is codework, all the better if the
rules are noisy. The cultural production of codework abjures
intensifications, strange attractors, descriptions such as this (which is
the oldest game in the book). The hunt and reception of short-wave number
codes is codework. Writers on the edge are circumscribed by codework,
malfunctioned psychoanalytics, scatologies endlessly coded and decoded;
the codes are dissolute, partial, always already incomplete: the differend
is codework.

(for s.b. in conversation)

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