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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 17:27:31 -0500
From: robert cheatham <>
Subject: New Perforations call for material: THE INHUMAN/...SPIRIT

Public Domain Inc. announces the call for submissions for Perforations 31:
The Inhuman: Anticipations, Thresholds, Technics -
Special Effects of the Spirit.


Any mention of 'spirit' is sure to induce a spirited discussion with
us moderns, unless we believe there is a New Age a'coming (and which
is perpetually on the way)-- or not -- and we've already made up our

But everyone likes a good supernatural horror flick, a good ghost
story, or a good performance artist who spazzes out or the latest
paranormal reports of sprites, spirits, the  possessed, ufos, Virgin
Mary apparitions, crop circles, the latest Halo 3.0 release, and much

At the same time, the technical apparatus which surrounds us, enters
us, comes from us, makes us doubt what the  'human' is and what the
limits and borders of that may be and whether a technical
civilization is on the way to crossing the Nietzschean bridge to ...
something else.

this issue of perforations is interested in the 'something else'
that folds into the 'spirit.'

For a more considered exploration of the Perf 31 problematic please go to:

Node 31 of Perforations will entertain your multi-media
contributions. videos, hyper-texts, articles, reviews.
Deadline: April 2008
Thank you for your consideration..

senior editor:
Robert Cheatham -

media editor:
Chea Prince -

technical editor:
Jim Demmers -


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