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October 6, 2007

The true world.

I wouldn't have been writing this or sitting here, the equivalent of your
thought at this moment, perhaps decades ago, the screen is transparent,
absent, ascii is natural crystal. If ascii is not natural crystal, then
assembly language is natural crystal. If assembly language is not natural
crystal, then machine language is natural crystal. I would say that in the
true world every signifier is hard-wired, every sign is true.

Every signifier is hard-wired, every signifier has hard-substrate, if not
in the true world, then in the temporal. Every sign is true, how might a
sign be false?, signs are true in the true world, there is no other world.

Every world is virtual world, the screen reflects the virtual world if the
screen is clear, reflective. Virtual worlds are screened in the true
world, they are screened with true signs, there are signs in virtual
worlds which are signs in true worlds, virtual worlds are true worlds.

There are judgments in the true world, judges in the true world, there
are splits and splinters, one true world parents another, and another and
this is the way of true worlds, this splintering or netting, each
successor or antecedent, descendent or ancestor, each simultaneous in the
true world which is the world of true worlds parenting and simultaneous.

I sit here and I am in the same world, true world, and you are in the same
true world, and your world splits and my world splits, and we are together
in the true world of parenting true worlds and simultaneous.

We are always gathered together in the true world, we are gatherings in
the true world, we are skein and membrane, warp of woof of the true world
which is gatherings of gatherings of our gatherings and of true worlds.

Yes, but, "La tautologie est certainement rigoureuse, mais certainement
inapplicable et sterile. Dans sa pure forme, hors du contenu, la pensee
cesse d'etre pensee." (H. Lefebvre, logique formelle, logique dialectique)
Is there anything other than gatherings, of which tautologie is both
kernel and restriction, category collapse, for example equivalence which
shudders as such, "Now we are in the position of having an enormous body
of mathematics, large parts of which are _secretly_ the decategorified
residues of deeper truths, without knowing exactly which parts these are.
For example, any equation involving natural numbers may be the decate-
gorification of an isomorphism between finite sets." (John C. Baez, James
Dolan, "From Finite Sets to Feynman Diagrams," in Engquist and Schmid,
Mathematics Unlimited - 2001 and Beyond) For example perhaps tautology
expands (beyond the realization that it _remains_ nothing but (constric-
ted) symbols on a page.

Natural crystal is already transient, if not now, when? One replies con-
tinuously in the course, among the courses, of gatherings of true worlds.

One might ask, why are there things, why are there things here, as if for
a longer time, as if things were like higher languages, as if both were
the true world, as if gatherings were sets or collocations of the other,
always thinging? For this is the question, how logic appears, that is, how
it makes appearance, how it appears to us. And one might reply, this is
the result of potential wells, as if the real, the true world, were
obdurate, which it is not. The fire next time is the plasma beforehand and
the plasma after, it is the virtual particle and its gatherings in the
true world.

Every thing that is appearance, every symbol that appears within the pot-
ential well of things that are gatherings, every hard-wiring is a masquer-
ade. Every gathering is a party, every party is a gathering, parentings
and parenteds, every symbolic formation becomes a letting go, releasing,
every releasing a vanishing, every vanishing a gathering. The true world
is a vanishing, the screen is a releasing, collapsed potential well, a

All signs are true in the true world, all signs have vanished.

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