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October 7, 2007

Mark Esper

Mark Esper is an artist whose robotic works continue to fascinate; recent-
ly, he has reworked a rotating sphere almost two feet in diameter which
remains suspended in mid-air, due to the Bernoulli effect generated by a
complex blower on the ground. The sphere has leds giving the semblance of
rotating saucerian lights; it also has vanes for stabilization. Why here
and now? Other than the sheer beauty of the work, another image of a sau-
cer in mid-air; this one, however, is clearly tethered to the ground on
its column of air. What if the sphere could generate its own Bernoulli
effect? what if a sailboat might generate its own wind? The jury's not out
on this one.

(If there's abjection, it's in the turbulence generated by the blower. But
there's no liquidity. Recall the Flatwoods Monster blew 'oil' on anyone
who came near; the obvious hoax probably blew oil. By and large, though,
saucer sightings and contacts remain remarkably dry - remarkable, given
the abject slime and drool that pours from so many movie aliens. Is this a
familiar of our imagination, or the true world's offering of the repeti-
tion of things, even within the alien? The jury's out on this one.)

Experimental Saucer Segment Narrative (6 frames)

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The author reveals the starting truth about extraterrestrial visitation:
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