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Index of Flying Saucer Talk

A noticeable absence of alien skin or other organs
A sense that a lot of people who write can't write logically
A sense that logic matters more than I thought it did
Amazed at dna and probe-hole coincidences
An uninspiring absence of saucer memories in the true world
Big-time chart or classification grid of all saucer encounters
Couple of people holding things on strings
Dirty version of the Men in Black
Even more feelings that aliens must be really dumb
Fake video of saucers over Clarksburg
Faked photographs of saucers over Clarksburg
Great pictures of top-secret spacecraft designs buried for years
I've never seen anything! It's all flat to me!
Just being in awe of alien-human fucking sucking and probing
Maybe some pictures of fungal jellies
More feelings about mass hysteria or mass hypnosis
More stuff about film tinting and poems about film projectors
Some feelings about really really bad science
Some great rhymes about atom bombs and love
Some nonsense about analog and digital, abject and non-abject
Some pictures of alien skin or other organs that look like fungal jellies
Something about film tinting
Wondering about transpeciation activities with alligators
Mark Esper, It's In the Air (video of flight)
new work on youtube & ning

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