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October 20, 2007


avatartist are both process and product, object and subject, state and
operator. < | and | >.

avatartist live in this world and the virtual, avatartist draw no

avatartist speak and chat, walk and fly, create and destroy, avatartist
number the world, dismember the numbers, avatartist are unaccountable.

avatartist program and describe, they use the highest-level language, they
reach above that language to higher levels, rumors, hints, whispers,

avatartist work in the future, their pathos is their foreknowledge of
their destruction, avatartist work beneath the sign of their constant

avatartist exist by rewrite, all their processes are rewrite, all their
actions are rewrite, avatartist do not distinguish between existence and

avatartist are aggregates, they are gatherings, they are sentient and not
sentient, all their processes are filterings, and their actions are
filterings, avatartist do not distinguish between essence and filterings.

avatartist are in the process of modeling, they understand a public of
avatartist and spaces-places, they perform for eyes, their eyes among
others and gatherings.

avatartist work in holodecks, plateaus, gates among worlds in the true
world, avatartist work in streets and cities and countrysides and
wilderness, avatartist are always working, avatartist work everywhere,
their working is playing, they play at aggregates, they play the game of

avatartist differentiate and do not differentiate, they attire of talking
and silence.

avatartist is the present-future-past avatartist, avatartist are present-
past-future-layerings, avatartist are artists of narrative, of times, of
confabulations, of worldings and wordings in the true world.

avatartist are at play in the true world, they play the game of the true
world, they exist and do not exist, they are one and not one, many and not
many, here and not here, avatartist are writing here, are not writing
here, avatartist do not have it both ways.

avatartist play available technology, they walk edges of technology, edges
of worldings and wordings, edges of workings, avatartist are the tain of
the mirror, the mirror themselves, reflections themselves, reflections of
reflections which are avatartist reflecting.

avatartist want you knowing these, them, avatartist want you knowing we,
they, you, gatherings, filterings, are all avatartist, yes they are are,
no they are-not are-not, avatartist want you knowing there is no knowing,
they are no magic-tricking.

"if i announce the truth, it is not in the mind. [...] the true world
presents itself to the five vijnanas. there is no gradation when one is in
a state of collectedness, collecting, aggregating, filtering. take a
painting-master or hir pupils, who arrange colors to make a picture - i
teach the picture is not in the colors or canvas or plate - in order to
make it attractive to all beings, a picture is presented in colors."
(modified from Lankavatara Sutra, trans. Suzuki.)

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