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October 21, 2007


hittite, watar,
mayim hittite,
(plural), mayim
hebrew, (plural),
water/waters hebrew,
'on waters'
the -
face water
of facing
waters' sky,
- water
water surface
facing 'on
sky, face
waters is
when in
is distinct
in patterns,
turmoil, streams
distinct within
patterns, streams
streams waters
within when
or gatherings
pools, and
gatherings dispersings
and of
dispersings waters,
waters, filtering
filtering or
dialogic of
surface, water-air
water-air intermixture,
intermixture, scattered
scattered clouds,
waves, scattered
solitons, foams,
ripples waves,
basin fulfilling,
filling, the
fulfilling, basin,
eroding filtering,
basin, of
forms basin
beneath forms
rupture of
quantity basin
that of
height quantity
falling not
into placing,
place, whatever
not the
placing, quantity
whatever waters,
left some
behind is
avatartist filterings
filterings of
plasmas, insufficient
insufficient formings
formings for
for clean
dusts, and

and waters

and hittite, and watar, watar, proper dusts mayim bodies, (plural), dusts,
radiations... hebrew, radiations... radiations... hebrew, radiations...
water/waters watar, radiations... hebrew, mayim radiations... hebrew,
hebrew, radiations... (plural), water/waters radiations... mayim 'on
hittite, the watar, watar, the mayim watar, the hebrew, watar, the english
watar, the 'on watar, 'on face hittite, english of mayim water/waters the
hebrew, hebrew, waters' water/waters hebrew, waters' 'on (plural), waters'
face (plural), the the hebrew, the - water/waters of water english face
facing 'on the facing face 'on the the 'on the - 'on facing facing 'on
water the the - water face waters' surface the waters' surface - the
surface water the surface the the surface water the water waters waters'
sky, when - the water water facing is the facing is water water is waters
water water water facing water is facing when turmoil, sky, waters
distinct water surface distinct waters water patterns, water water
patterns, is water distinct turmoil, water distinct patterns, surface
turmoil, streams waters in within water is streams is water streams
turmoil, water streams patterns, water streams within water within or is
streams pools, in streams gatherings turmoil, patterns, and patterns,
distinct and within distinct and or turmoil, and pools, distinct
gatherings and distinct pools, of patterns, or waters, within streams
waters, streams streams waters pools, within waters and within waters, of
within waters, waters streams of filtering or dispersings waters. pools,
and the and gatherings dialogic of gatherings dialogic waters gatherings
the waters. gatherings the the and waters. of dispersings filtering the of
waters surface, waters waters, surface, filtering waters, surface, the of
surface, of waters, the surface, waters, of water-air waters of scattered
waters. dialogic scattered the the clouds, of waters. clouds, surface,
waters. clouds, intermixture, waters. scattered clouds, the intermixture,
scattered dialogic water-air foams, of surface, waves, surface, surface,
solitons, intermixture, the solitons, clouds, the waves, scattered the
waves, waves, surface, foams, ripples water-air scattered - intermixture,
clouds, dialogic scattered scattered dialogic scattered scattered dialogic
waves, scattered dialogic ripples scattered - dialogic scattered - of
clouds, ripples basin scattered solitons, basin waves, waves, - ripples
waves, - dialogic foams, - the foams, basin basin waves, the filling,
solitons, the fulfilling, ripples of eroding dialogic dialogic the of -
the basin - the filling, - eroding eroding dialogic fulfilling, basin,
dialogic filling, filtering, the - dissolving, basin - dissolving,
filling, basin dissolving, eroding basin dissolving, basin, basin
dissolving, dissolving, basin filtering, the - basin, surface filling, the
of eroding eroding the basin, eroding the filtering, fulfilling, the the
fulfilling, of of eroding of basin the surface - basin, the the filtering,
dissolving, basin the filtering, basin of filtering, basin basin
filtering, the the dissolving, - basin dissolving, - beneath the basin the
of the the basin of surface the of the basin of the beneath of beneath
surface the forms - basin basin the the basin rupture basin the rupture
beneath the rupture surface - rupture the the the of basin - quantity
forms surface or beneath the quantity surface the quantity the beneath
quantity of beneath or quantity the or quantity the quantity of surface of
the the rupture the rupture the basin quantity the basin quantity the the
of the of basin rupture of and of that height quantity quantity of
quantity or of of or of basin or of height or height of quantity and
waters, that basin the of basin waters basin the waters and of waters of
of waters waters, the the waters the waters, falling basin the place,
height of place, of of not waters, height not waters height place, into
height place, not of into placing, the falling whatever waters, waters the
waters the the into the the not the the placing, the whatever the the
whatever is, waters placing, some into not is place, place, is placing,
place, is the into is is, place, some is place, is, left not quantity
behind placing, quantity - the the avatartist is, whatever avatartist is
whatever - behind whatever - - the behind filterings quantity left of is,
is waters, is is waters, left some plasmas, - some waters, filterings some
waters, waters, some of plasmas, is filterings formings behind avatartist
for - - for filterings - for waters, behind for insufficient - formings
for - formings clean avatartist insufficient and filterings plasmas,
proper waters, waters, bodies, insufficient of bodies, formings of bodies,
clean of proper proper waters, and dusts, plasmas, clean radiations...
insufficient clean formings for clean formings proper formings dusts,
formings formings radiations...  for dusts, clean bodies, proper bodies,
dusts, proper proper proper proper bodies, dusts, radiations...

dusts and waters

or pools, gatherings an or pools, gatherings an
  ispersings of waters, waters filtering waters.

ispersings of waters, waters filtering waters.
ispersings of waters, waters filtering waters.

ialogic of the surface, water-air intermixture, scattere clou clou

ialogic of the basin - filling, fulfilling, eroing the basin, filtering,
ialogic of the basin - filling, fulfilling, ero
ing the basin, filtering,
ing the basin, filtering,

ies, usts, raiations...

usts, raiations...
  proper bo

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