The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Drawn Song

Bird song halved and extended.
So near the building, this one beautiful bird.

Halved and lowered, the echo of the bird against brick and stone.
I haven't heard these sounds.
Organizing avatar video for a conference next week; the work is
translucent, neither deep-time nor anything more than surface.
I can't get anywhere beyond the surface.
If I do sex or violence I get a rise, at least something emotional.
Some talk about death, war, wounded avatars beneath the surface of the
prim-rosed sea.
If I don't, well then, there's always the dawn-drawn bird-cry, neither
falcon nor osprey, eagle or mountebank crow.
Settle for that rather than some avatar deep-protocol other.
At least you won't fall in love. All over again.

"     artist, artiste, belly dancer, blagueur, bluff, bluffer,
      burlesque queen, charlatan, cheat, chorine, chorus boy,
      chorus girl, con man, confidence man, conjurer, coryphee, dancer,
      dancing girl, defrauder, ecdysiast, entertainer, exotic dancer,
      fake, faker, female impersonator, flimflammer, fourflusher, fraud,
      geisha, geisha girl, guisard, guiser, gyp, hoofer, humbug,
      impersonator, impostor, magician, malingerer, mummer, musician,
      nautch girl, peeler, performer, phony, poser, poseur,
      prestidigitator, pretender, public entertainer, quack, quacksalver,
      quackster, ringer, saltimbanco, sham, shammer, sharper, show girl,
      singer, stripper, stripteaser, stripteuse, vaudevillian,

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