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November 3, 2007

Talk on human modeling at SLSA, apologies for lack of video examples,
maybe not worth listening to, the work has been online though - Alan

A perfect day in Maine

On the beach I walk and think, I hate these avatars of mine, they don't do
anything worthwhile at this point. It's too easy to make interesting
images and my brain is emptied out. Buddhist aggregates would fill it, but
then there's the problem they might end up annihilated, who wants empti-
ness when the replete amazes. I learn that if sound and sight are discon-
nected from production, why should I bother with meaning? Who wants to
just listen and watch, when everyone has heard and seen everything?

Why are there many rather than one? The ultimate koan - surely the number
is random, surely there would be meaningless degree? Or not? Mind won't
say. I can't even say rock, snail, woman, water.

The most difficult lesson: Some things have no causes at all.

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