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November 5, 2007


PLEASE NOTE is no longer in use - as a result of
identity theft and changed credit cards, it went up for auction and I
wasn't informed. I will have a new domain name soon; I've emptied the old
one, and whatever content is there is not mine and not there with my
permission. I will send out the new domain name as soon as it's properly 

Thank you.

- Alan Sondheim

"Whatever happens I decide that it is fine. Having broken out of the trap
of wishful thinking, I don't listen to what anyone says. I act with great
roomy spontaneity, and since appearance dawns as text, I understand every-
thing that occurs to be a key instruction." (from Jigme Lingpa, trans
Janet Gyatso.) No one says anything and nothing happens. Deciding whatever
happens is fine is just fine, just being fine. Spontaneity is roomy and
everywhere, nothing's in the way, it's fine. Appearance dawns, it's not
always there, sometimes just a whisper or murmur, text is always a
glimpse, text isn't, the glimpse, I mean the problem with theory, glimpse
as concrete or harsh rendering. Dawn of text, there wasn't any, nothing in
roominess, then this! But it's since appearance dawns as text - there's
causality already at work, why? In any case of the world, everything that
occurs, which means not everything occurs, dawns as a key instruction,
there are signs to be read, appearance is instruction, appearance articu-
lates (otherwise it's not appearance).

There's no appearance. There's hardly a key instruction.


PLEASE NOTE is now open, although it's almost
empty at this point. Given that, I've put up a long version of the Foofwa
/ Maud duet related to avatar movement - this is 100 Megs, too large for
casual download but good for viewing in live/gallery situations. I'll let
it up for a short while.

Again, please note: is empty and no longer active (at least for me) - and - - replaces it. Apologies
if this causes any difficulties. (I should add this change happened
quickly, thanks to sysadmin action from the relevant sites.)

- Alan

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