The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 13, 2007

Scan Sonnet

Consider a scan without memory or data-base; each element of a scene ap-
pears independently, disconnected - chosen elements and their aura exist
in a now blurred by organism and technology. Isn't this the proper view of
eternity, holstered and silenced forever?

Consider a scan of the address or token of a scene element, and the total-
ity of such scans, re/creating a database of pointers towards an imaginary
real. In spite of ordering, their contents are empty. This is the proper
order of mass-consumption, enumerated and imminent.

Between consumption and eternity lies the wasteland.

To perceive is to process is to scan. To scan is to remember. To remember
constitutes both address and content. To remember is protocol.

If I am ill and am constituted by fever, what am I scanning? If I am de-
pressed, what am I thinking? Where are the ghosts of the real? In fever I
say: the real is always haunted. And in depression: Haunting is the real.

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