The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 15, 2007

Harbor Borne

An old-fashioned experimental film, a study in the poetry of harbors
culled from remnants of the massoumi / Brian Massumi film transformed into
the beauty of color separations, the passion of cries of sea-birds, the
search across unknown seas. without
rhyme or reason, a sign of weakness on my part, Azure's sick with fever,
I'm with cough, other personal relations shaky, I look across the ocean,
it's as if the blackness of an oil spill has penetrated my soul, as if
insecticides have broken my bones, contaminations polluted my mind. Still,
there's the uncanny beauty of the marbled city, reaching to the skies, the
calming sound of pigeons, busy traffic just below the offshore fields of
my nerves.

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