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Irish Fiddle

This is unusual, I think. This past weekend, we went to a flea market near
our place in Brooklyn, and I bought a Sony TC-864 portable audio reel-to-
reel tape recorder, from 1964. It works perfect, and is rather heavy,
around 12-13 pounds. Anyway, there was a five-inch reel of tape on it,
recorded with four separate mono tracks, each about 45-50 minutes. They
are apparently Irish field recordings from nearly forty years ago. I found
the fiddle fantastic and complex, and have put up (greatly compressed) the
first 48 minutes at my site. I have no idea who the fiddler is. There is
also vocal, some guitar, some flat-picked violin (really), and some odd
'experimental' work to come, if people are interested. I'll leave these
recordings up for a few days - please check out -

I prefer the second, but both are amazing. If anyone can identify the
fiddler, please let me know - somewhat should release this material, if it
hasn't been.

- Alan

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