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December 5, 2007


What sort of object is my mandala-image? Certainly not symbolic; while
elements represent, the mandala-image itself stands for nothing, neither
power nor deity, fecundity, rebirth, emptiness. Nothing stands for empti-
ness; nothing stands in for emptiness. And certainly not ikonic; nothing
is there but the image within an aegis or indifferently existing. Then
again, not indexical; let's say it's eaten, ingested, but there's no
pointer, anything like that. Let's say it's of the true world, the image
itself, and let's say it's the becoming of the subject, placed under
erasure by the subject, placed under erasure by nothing, then of the gone
world, then of nothing. Let's say there's neither mind nor emptiness,
uncertainly not inherently existing image. Let's say the image is of the
imaginary, that the true world is of the imaginary, but the imaginary has
no inherent existence. Let's say the true world is under erasure, that
whatever clings, clings to erasure. Let's leave it, but not leave it at

There were eyes in the walls. There were eyes in the table. There were
eyes in the telephone. There were eyes in the keyboard, eyes in the
computer, eyes in the mousepad. There were eyes in the ceiling, eyes in
the floor. There were eyes in the clock that said tick-tock.

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