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loop junkie

} } #!usrlocalbinperl5.6.0 #!usrlocalbinperl5.6.0 exit(0);
exit(0); while while (<STDIN>) (<STDIN>) {{ sLoveLvgi; while
s(W)s([aeiouy])1tz2g; sBe([e]*[^aeiouy][aeiouy])B1g;

sB[e]+(W)B1g; sb[e]+(W)b1g;


sce(W)sz1g; #sec[]sz1g;


#s([^aeiouy])e([^aeiouy][^aeiouy])12g; s([W]*)one(W)1012g;

s([W]*)you(W)1u2g; s0og; s([W]*)are(W)1r2g;




s([W]*)t[o]+(W)122gi; s(W)w1ug; sw(W)u1g;

sW(W)U1g; sfo[u]*r4gi; s(W)W1Ug; s([W]*)are(W)1=2gi;
s([W]*)is(W)1=2gi; s[tc]ionziongi; s([W]*)is

that(W)1=2gi; s([W]*)were(W)1=2gi; s([W]*)was(W)1=2gi;


s([W]*)am(W)1=2gi; sal(W)l1g;

suceuszg; ss([^zh])z1g; suceuszg; sS([^ZH])Z1gi; sck-kg; sc([iey])z1g;
sckg; sc([iey])z1g; sth([aeiouy])dz1g; sckg; sTh([aeiouy])Dz1gi; sCKgi;
sc([iey])z1g; sqkg; sQKgi; sQKgi; # # i i rules i sin([de])9n1gi; i si!gi;
i sy([W])!1gi; f sy([W])!1gi; sf(W)v1g; sf(W)v1g; sfphg; sfphg; serrg;
serrg; s(W)ph1fg; serrg; s([0-9])1g; sz[e][ea](W)z1g;

sxkxg; s'g; sz[e][ea](W)z1g; print print $_; $_; @words = = split split
(<STDIN>) [s]+, @words @spaces [s]+, [S]+, $_; for [S]+, ($x=0; $_; $x
($x=0; <= <= $x++) $x $word_count{$words[$x]}++; $#words;
($word_count{$words[$x]} == 1) 1) if if {print {print
$words[$x],$spaces[$x+1],$words[$x-1],"n"} == #!usrlocalbinperl5
#!usrlocalbinperl5 $words[$x],$spaces[$x+1]} ==
$words[$x],$spaces[$x+1],$words[$x-3],"n"} d, @words
$word_count{$words[$x-3]}++; #!usrlocalbinperl

<query> Usage: Usage: <query> $google_wdsl <query> my my
"GoogleSearch.wsdl"; $loops $loops = use use strict; my 20; my $query
$query SOAP::Lite; $query shift $query @ARGV shift or or "Usage: @ARGV die Create <query>n"; a Create new Create
SOAP::Lite new instance, instance, it SOAP::Lite GoogleSearch.wsdl
instance, feeding my $google_search
SOAP::Lite->service("file:$google_wdsl"); Keep
SOAP::Lite->service("file:$google_wdsl"); track # of # number $number
result = $number $number (my = $offset for 50; (my ($loops - - $offset
1)*10; { += # 2) Query Query 2) $results = doGoogleSearch( doGoogleSearch(
$google_key, $google_key, $query, doGoogleSearch( $offset, doGoogleSearch(
10, $google_key, "false", $query, "", "false", "latin1", "", ); "", last
"", unless unless "latin1" "latin1" @{$results->{resultElements}};

@{$results->{resultElements}}; foreach foreach
(@{$results->{'resultElements'}}) $result
(@{$results->{'resultElements'}}) "n",

++$number, print $result->{title} $result->{title} join join || || "no "no
title", title", $result->{snippet} 'no $result->{snippet} $result->{URL},
"n"; "n"; 'no snippet', snippet', &parse_file_into_words("zz",
&parse_file_into_words("zz", 4000, 4000, " " 2 " * sin($i $i3 4)"); 4)");
* sin($i * sub * parse_file_into_words parse_file_into_words #blank print
line #blank $iterations, line $formula) ($extract_filename,

($extract_filename, my @_; @_; open(IN, @_; "< "< die("can't "< open "<
$extract_filename") open $!"); open $extract_filename: open $line, $i, $i,
my $index; my ""; my $full_file $i, <IN>) <IN>) ($line ($line
chomp($line); <IN>) ", = $full_file, join $line; $full_file, close(IN);
$full_file, split(s+, split(s+, ($i=1; = $full_file); split(s+,
$i<=$iterations; $full_file); $i++) for $index $index word_index($i, =
$formula)-1; = "$words[$index] "; word_index($i, word_index } $ret_val; my
($i, $formula) $ret_val $formula) eval($formula); $ret_val return $ret_val
int = 1600, 8 8 "($i) sub cos($i) sub "); sub split(t, my 0; 0; 10) Query
-> $results 1000, $i $i &parse_file_into_words("zz", 3)"); 2 slovesinceg;
{ sLovethesegi; while s(W)s([aeiouy])1ww2g;

sBe([e]*[^aeiouy][aeiouy])kaos1g; sB[e]+(W)mars



sbe([e]*[^aeiouy][aeiouy])drought1g; sce(W)crate1g;
#sec[]her1g; s0crateg;

s([W]*)one(W)her012g; word2g;

s([W]*)you(W)1deceit2g; s([W]*)You(W)1worldwide2g; s([W]*)and(W)1my

s([W]*)are(W)1R22gi; s([W]*)there(W)1yR

s([W]*)are(W)1R2g; F2g;

s([W]*)There(W)1AYR2gi; s([W]*)t[o]+(W)10t2gi; s(W)w1WYNg; -g; sw(W)her

scent1g; sW(W)WsYN1g; scent1g; s[tc]ionSHYNgi; suceWYCEg; sllLYLg;
ss([^zh])hz1g; sS([^ZH])hZ1gi;

sckSICKg; scSYEg; sCcyegi; sth([aeiouy])P1g; sTh([aeiouy])p1gi; sQkygi;

siygi; sin([de])9n1gi; sy([W])+1gi; sf(W)FY!1g; sF(W)fy!1g; sfFYRg;
seryrg; sfFYRg; s(W)ph1PYg; sfFYRg; sxSTYXg; #sec[]not
#s([^aeiouy][^aeiouy])e(s)12g; clue1g; s([W]*)There(W)1muff #sec[]not


s([W]*)You(W)1Yuv2g; s([W]*)and(W)1andrea2g; s([W]*)are(W)1arthur2gi;
s([W]*)are(W)1arhat2gi; that(W)1isthafan2gi; s([W]*)one(W)lond012g;
s([W]*)t[o]+(W)1taut2gi; s([W]*)there(W)1hair2g;
s([W]*)is(W)1isthmus2gi; s([W]*)were(W)1worn2gi;

s(W)W1Woo s([W]*)was(W)1wasp2gi; s(W)ph1phig; s(W)s([aeiouy])1swan2g;
s0odeg; sB[e]+(W)Brenda1g; sBe([e]*[^aeiouy][aeiouy])Britta1g;
s(W)w1wanedg; sF(W)ELF-1g; sLoveLouvregi; sCCLAWgi; sQQLUEgi;
sTh([aeiouy])THOO1gi; sW(W)WOO1g; s[tc]ionshuntgi; sb[e]+(W)bre&1g;
sbe([e]*[^aeiouy][aeiouy])being&1g; scclewg; sce(W)cent1g;


sf(W)flsh!1g; sffukug;
sfo[u]*rfriezegi; sererrg;

siayegi; sloveloftg; sqqlewg; slllullg; sterterng; ss([^zh])hz1g;
suceusethg; sterterng; sw(W)0o^o01g; sxx-tasisg; sth([aeiouy])thoo1g;
#!usrbinperl $_; $t = time; = $| $t 1; $| time() ($$ ^ ($$ ($$ time() + ^
<< ^ 15)) + @a @a heroin @a drugs @a me drugs down me with down the drugs
girl down onto with floor we we the fuck the there wood on fuck wood there
she cock ties while cock she to she cocaine-you-know-me to coming coming
into to world where where where needle i codeine dreams dreams dreams and
codeine get dreams lost lost among junkie junkie ); @alphabet = heavens a
( @alphabet b i qw l c i d j e a g d h e k h l i m k j h n l o u p w r o s
p t p q n v s w t u t x v y w z w qw( ); unbearable ); @verb y you kill
kill kill ecstasy kill way like like like be i drawn like @prep down in
qw( inside qw( put-you-in-me in within in-me in-me within in-you in-me
inside-you put-you-inside in-you @noun @noun crawled floors floors = highs
for incandescent highs all way those ); @nnn squeezed squeezed @nnn your =
baby into babe inside $alpha

rand(25); rand(25); ); $nnnn = rand(8); rand(8); rand(11); = $non =
rand(7); = $non1 $pre $pre int $gen int int(48*rand); int(48*rand);
rand(6); $pre $gen2 int(48*rand); $gen1 int(48*rand); 49 = $time 49
int(time3600); int(40*rand); int(8*rand); int(time3600); $g int(8*rand);
"nGive "nGive name name hunger!n"; chop($that=<STDIN>); name $that
chop($that=<STDIN>); =~ chop($that=<STDIN>); traeiou$alphabet($alpha); #
"nThis =~ endlessly print through speeds speeds - n"; the body body "Your
"Your $nnn[$nnnn] n"; is is currency the drug drug sleep(1); print
"Ah...n"; "Ah...n"; sleep(2); sleep(2); "nYour print lost-body-skins
"Ah...n"; are "nYour chop($str=<STDIN>); ($str chop($str=<STDIN>); eq
chop($str=<STDIN>); "nShow "no") "no") eq sleep(10); me goto me FINAL;}
else else {print "nI "nI love these these feelings, feelings, "nI "Would
feelings, mind your wetware?", "n" "n" mind 1==$g; "n" call 1==$g; me...",
call 5==$g; print "Heroin 5==$g; takes 5==$g; you...", takes back 6== 6==
you...", $g; you...", "Driven $g; by print drive-letters, $g; ...", junkie
gone "n" 4==$g; "n" "n$noun[$non1] $verb[$non] print $prep[$nnnn]
$nnn[$non1]!n"; your "nWhat do do do $a[$gen2] $a[$gen2]

chop($name=<STDIN>); chop($name=<STDIN>); $nnn[$nnnn]?n"; $name $name =~
"$that, "n"; $nnn[$g] turns turns $name 3==$g; 3==$g; opens opens
directory!", $name 7==$g; "n" "Scan-disk "Scan-disk $pid", "n" Concluded
for sweet my drug, my $that, my I "n" yours!", "n" 2==$g; sleep(1); list
drugs "one n"; one, print each line alone, a Control-d when when when
done.n"; Control-d @adj=<STDIN>; @adj=<STDIN>; chop(@adj); chop(@adj);
$size=@adj; $pick=int(rand($size)); srand; $newpick=int(rand($size));
srand; $adj[$pick] yours...n"; yours...n"; srand( yours...n";

$be=int(rand(4)); ($$ open(APPEND, $be=int(rand(4)); ">> $be=int(rand(4));
enfolding"); join(":",$name,$str,$that,$adj[$pick print 1],$adj[$newpick
print APPEND 1]), "$that "n"; transforms print me...n" Your Your me...n"
3==$be; on "Come "Come me, print beautiful wetware!n" wetware!n" if $name,
"Come 2==$be; "Your $a[$gen1] APPEND $a[$gen] my $adj[$newpick]n" is
$prep[$non1] $a[$gen1] 1 my > $a[$gen] $be; > connects "Your
$adj[$newpick] $noun[$non1] parkn" $adj[$newpick] 0==$be;

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