The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


the radio comes on in the room.
the radio whispers in the room.
it speaks the unspeakable.
i can't keep this up, it says.
this world is far too tired, it says.
the world can't do anything more.
the world tried over and over.
nothing worked.
the world is exhausted.
the world doesn't need the radio.
night. the computer's gone to sleep.
there's nothing online.
there never is.
there is no subsequence-consequence.
gloom of cold rain.
gloom of cold.
i don't want to touch myself.
i don't want to touch anything.
i sleep on this floor.
there are no noises in this place.
i know i am wise.
i am wise because there is no substance.
there is no consequence-subsequence.
there is nothing to release.
dead phone. keyboard disconnect.
defuge of supine body.
defuge of dead air.
defuge of radio whisper.
the floor is exhausted.
the ceiling is exhausted.
the wall is exhausted.
i leave the skin.
i take the skin.
the radio.

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