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December 29, 2007

Vanity - Article on my work, sites, new address, etc.

An excellent article on my work etc. in Signal to Noise, 'The Journal of
Improvised & Experimental Music,' December issue, p. 44., 'The Impossible
Ritual, Through film, digital media, dance, words, and improvisational
music, Alan Sondheim investigates the shortcomings and impossibilities of
behavior,' by Clifford Allen. If you're interested, this is one of the
best accounts I've seen. I found a copy at Barnes & Noble - do check it

New work at - which has a lot of fascinating
tapes by a number of people associated with Second Life etc.

New work at - some of this you might have
seen, but not in this linear presentation.

New work at

Usual chatter on Facebook.

New address:

Alan Sondheim and Azure Carter
813 Charles Avenue
Morgantown, West Virginia, 26505

The phone will stay 718-813-3285.
This is good for the next six months.

- Alan

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