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this replay of abjection
is the playing-out of infection
beneath the aegis of dejection
somewhat tantric rejection
resulting from subjection
swallowed from projection
beyond a form's bijection
operated through surjection

useless wireless trope
against a brainless dope
darkling in a mope
there's nothing left of hope
impossible to cope
headless figures grope
tangled in a rope
crawling down a slope
they're given too much scope
elephants in a bathtub one says to the other please pass the soap
the other says no soap radio kind of introjection

the first url is the soundtrack modified from the second
the second url is the soundtrack unmodified for the first
the first url is image and sound
the second url is sound what goes around

(netstumbler, poser, mocap, premiere, cooledit, audacity)


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