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requiem for Boojum, about 13 minutes

If the left and right hands have independent repeated patterns prime to
each other, why then the cycle is right*left by which time, or a fraction
of time indicated by attention span (based on short-term memory and
defuge), right*left/[short-term memory, defuge], I have moved on (to
another register, tonality, movement or moment of sound), listener follow-
ing (if the listener is listening yet), so that the ride is imminent (in a
distant sense related to 1/1 jazz rhythm or tabla additive combinatorics)
or a moment of consciousness (moment in the sense of internal time con-
sciousness mitigated by short-term memory or long-term memory of other
times and other musics by this selfing or other selvings) which at the end
(as if the requiem is in withdrawal or unknowingly bracketed until the
unexpected finality which returns as 'perfect sense') seems natural and
sadly required, as such is required, drawn forth, by any organism, from
small cat to whale, not a rupture or a ripple by a human, or at the least,
this human, playing this guitar, a 1949 di Giorgio, in an act of homage
hardly if ever unheard.

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