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January 15, 2008

Touch of the Left Hand

Among two of them one of whom extended herself
And one of whom attached himself different

'It is time some of you vain babies, who have a 'body beautiful' complex
about your dancing, realize that an expressive body is more beautiful than
an unexpressive one. But no, you fight distorting your body - even the
least bit. If you won't, you won't, but your dancing will be shallow, and
as empty as the baby stare some of you are cultivating.' (Horst)

'I'm not asking you to tie yourself up like a pretzel or grovel on the
floor, but there must be some distortion if you are portraying even a
slight case of mental malajudstment - a little inferiority or martyr
complex.' (Horst)

'You can't drag an analyst's couch out on the stage and tell us about it.
You have to express the mental with your body, so you distort the move-
ment somewhat to externalize.' (Horst)

'All of them died on my red lips
In my hands
In my sexlessness
Which possesses all sexes
I am as pale as moonsilver.' (Anita Berber trans. Gordon)

'In every experience of every objective 'This' by every experiencer the
female differentiating function is necessary, but so too is the male seed
of unity, which supplies 'Being' from the side of the subject, the unitary
consciousness of self from the side of the experiencer.' (Rawson)

'Why are so many boys and girls not erect? Look in almost any school and
you see that many of the pupils, whether sitting or standing, are never
straight. Heads are forward; shoulders double over a little, sometimes a
good deal; chests incline to droop, and grow flat. Fine, full chests, and
an easy, graceful carriage, are rare.

As the pupils get older, these faults, instead of going away, grow worse.

Can this be helped? Is there any way to make a crooked boy or girl
straight? Take a slim, angular boy, for instance, whose father is round-
shoulded and flat-chested--and perhaps his mother, too: can he become
straight, like a soldier?' (Blaikie)

'The same [entity] does not arise from [itself], and how can it arise from
another? Neither does it arise from both [itself and another], and what
exists without any cause?' (Candrakirti, trans. Huntington)

'The singularity of specular reflections is demonstrated by the fact that
if one tries to apply to them the schema of a communicational process mamy
puzzling conclusions arise: source and addressee coincide (at least in
cases where a human being looks at him or herself in the mirror), receiver
and transmitter coincide; expression and content coincide since the
content of the reflected image is just the image of a body, not the body
itself; as a matter of fact the referent of a mirror image is pure visual
matter.' (Eco)

Among the two of them who extended
And both of whom attached themselves to both

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