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David Askevold

(I knew and loved David Askevold, and for years felt close to him. He was
a major influence on my life, the lives of his students and friends, al-
most everyone who knew him. His work was unique and in a very deep sense,
unfathomable and veering, nothing else is like it, it ventured into terri-
tories I didn't know existed. The doors he opened were unique. More than
anyone else, he exemplified the spirit of the Nova Scotia College of Art
and Design in Halifax, during the period it was considered the finest art
school in North America.

And David was the finest teacher of art I knew; he didn't teach so much as
opened space for his students to learn. His classes were sessions among
equals, intense, serious, playful, world. He had a soft voice and an
uncanny laugh. He was beautiful. He believed in the deep value of art and
lived that way. He was indescribable, and I'm at a loss for further words
here, these are poor enough.)

> From Wed Jan 23 18:47:51 2008
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 18:47:32 -0500
From: Ian Murray <>
To: Ian Murray <>
       788 King Street West 2nd Floor, Toronto, Canada  M5V 1N6
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       1940 - 2008

        It is with deep personal regret that we inform you of
       the passing of the artist and educator David Askevold.

       David died peacefully, in a Halifax hospital, on
       Wednesday January 23, 2008.

       One of Canada's most influential artists and an important
       figure in many international art movements of the last 40
       years, Askevold's work as an arts educator has also had
       great importance on an international level. David was a
       long-time colleague and contributor to Art Metropole, and
       one of our first Artist Life Members. He will be greatly

       The funeral will be family only. A memorial and
       exhibition will be organized for later in the year.

       Personal sympathies may be forwarded to David's wife and

       Norma Ready and Kyla Ready-Askevold
       15 Penhorn Drive
       Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 3K2


       Ian Murray
       for the Board of Directors
       Art Metropole

       Art Metropole is a non-profit artist-run centre
       incorporated in 1974. We'd like to thank the Canada
       Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the City
       of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, as well as
       private donors for their support.

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